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Daily Market Recap – 16 July 2008

Written on 16 July 2008 by MoneyMorning

Daily Market Recap – 16 July 2008


Name Previous Day’s Close % Change
All Ordinaries 4910.10 - 1.99
S&P/ASX 200 4815.70 - 2.19
Aus Dollar 0.9787 0.71

Overseas Markets

Name Yesterday’s Close % Change
DJIA 10962.54 - 0.85
FTSE 100 5171.90 - 2.48
Nikkei 225 12754.56 - 2.00
Shanghai 2779.45 - 3.55
CSI 300 2852.98 - 4.31
Gold 977.84 0.63
Crude Oil (BRENT FUTR) 139.35 - 4.43

Additional Indices

Previous Day’s Five Biggest Gainers %
(Prices in AUD)

Symbol Name Price %
IPL Incitec 179.78 1.78
WPL Woodside 61.43 0.73
SGX Sino Gold 5.65 0.62
FLX Felix resources 19.20 0.59
SGM Sims Group 36.49 0.39

Previous Day’s Five Biggest Losers %
(Prices in AUD)

Symbol Name Price %
MQG Macquarie Gr. 46.11 -3.69
LEI Leighton 43.40 -2.20
PPT Perpetual 37.55 -1.57
RIO Rio Tinto 122.00 -1.54
CBA Commonwealth B. 38.75 -1.41


ASX 52-Week Lows

Westpac WBC


This Week’s Important
Market Releases

Date Release
No new data until next week

Director’s Dealings

Date Company Director Amount Action
20/6/08 Blue Energy (ASX:BUL) Nicholas Stretch $49,869 Bought
20/6/08 Macquarie Group (ASX:MQG) Kevin Mcann $46,380 Bought
12/6/08 Transfield Services (ASX:TSE) Guillo Belgiorno-Nettis $380,760 Bought
11/6/08 Just Group (ASX: JST) Bronwyn Constance $24,220 Bought

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