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Callum Newman is the editor of the Money Morning weekend edition and co-editor of Port Phillip Publishing’s subscribers-only eletter Scoops Lane.

Originally graduating with a degree in Communications, Callum decided financial markets were far more fascinating than anything Marshall McLuhan (the ‘medium is the message’) ever came up with.

Today Callum spends his day reading and researching why currencies, commodities and stocks move like they do. So far he’s discovered it’s often in a way you least expect.

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Callum Newman

Recent Articles by Callum Newman

  • Why Chinese ‘Redbacks’ Will Keep Coming to Australia and the West (12/17/2014) - Chinese money is treating real estate in Australia, the United States, Canada and the UK like a safety deposit box. Maybe a passport will go along with it.
  • Cracking the Landlords? (12/3/2014) - In case case you haven’t been following the story -The federal government commissioned a report to establish the benefits of foreign investment in Australian property…
  • The Power of Banks (11/26/2014) - The system we have forces us to rely on bank credit to supply the economy with money. This is why the banks hold so much power…
  • Don’t Mention the War on Terror (11/5/2014) - If you’re not watching, you should be: The biggest trend of the last thirteen years has been the ongoing War on Terror. You can expect it to continue…
  • The Truth of the Cocoa Bean (10/22/2014) - The price of cocoa beans is your best guide to gauge just how big the threat of Ebola in West Africa is…

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