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Below you’ll find a list of the main financial commentators that write for Money Morning Australia.

(You can view each editor’s profile in more detail by clicking on their image.)

Each investment editor has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the financial markets and various other industries.

And each one specialises in a specific area of investment advice and analysis. These range from small cap stocks, value investing, share trading, saving for retirement, investing in resource stocks, to geopolitical and financial events that shape the global economy.

What they all have in common is that they offer a unique and independent perspective on the financial markets.

Of course, when you’ve got this many opinions it means they won’t always agree with each other!

But that’s when we often find the best analysis shines through. It encourages each editor to back up their ideas and analysis. This can only result in a better quality of analysis for our readers.

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The Money Morning Team

Kris Sayce Kris Sayce
Publisher and Investment Director, Money Morning Australia

Kris is never one to pull punches when discussing market developments and economic events that can affect your wealth. He’ll take anyone to task — banks, governments, big business — if he thinks they’re trying to pull a fast one with your money. Kris is also the investment director for Australian Small-Cap Investigator, Diggers and Drillers and Revolutionary Tech Investor.

Read more about Publisher and Investment Director Kris Sayce.

Shae Smith Shae Smith
Editor, Money Weekend

Shae Smith is the feature editor for Money Weekend — the weekend edition of Money Morning Australia. She covers areas of interest arising from world markets and the global economy that could mean new investment opportunities for Aussie investors.

Read more about Money Weekend Editor Shae Smith.

Tim Dohrmann Tim Dohrmann
Analyst, Australian Small-Cap Investigator

Tim is Money Morning’s small-cap analyst. He spends his time hunting down the smallest, most volatile, and most exciting stocks on the planet — small-caps. Why? Because he believes they’re the best way for ordinary Aussies to make a stock-market fortune. You can find more of Tim’s work over at Australian Small-Cap Investigator, where he shares the best small-cap stocks he finds on the ASX with a select group of readers.

Read more about Small-Cap Analyst Tim Dohrmann.

Jason Stevenson Jason Stevenson
Analyst, Diggers and Drillers

Jason shares his extensive knowledge of Australia’s mining sector as Money Morning’s dedicated resource analyst. Whether it’s iron ore, gold, copper or lithium, you can rely on Jason to give you in-depth analysis of the biggest and most important sector of our economy. Jason provides in-depth research to Diggers and Drillers, Australia’s premier resource investment advisory.

Read more about Resource Analyst Jason Stevenson.

Sam Volkering Sam Volkering
Analyst, Revolutionary Tech Investor

Sam is an amazing talent at finding new, cutting-edge technologies and translating that research into how the future will look — and where the investment opportunities lie. When he’s not working as Money Morning’s Technology Analyst, Sam writes his own free daily e-letter Tech Insider, and uncovers the most exciting tech investments around the globe for readers of Revolutionary Tech Investor.

Read more about Technology Analyst Sam Volkering.

Money Morning — Contributing Editors from Port Phillip Publishing

Greg Canavan Greg Canavan
Contributing Editor, Money Morning Australia

Greg is a feature editor for the Daily Reckoning Australia. He helps investors preserve their wealth over the long term using a method known as value investing. Lucky for Money Morning readers, he imparts some of this knowledge on them too with regular guest editorial spots.

Read more about value investing specialist Greg Canavan.

Dan Denning Dan Denning
Contributing Editor, Money Morning Australia

Dan is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of all Port Phillip Publishing publications — including Money Morning Australia, which he writes for from time to time. He is also a featured editor for the Daily Reckoning Australia. If you want an in depth take on the geopolitical and financial events that shape the global economy — and how they can affect your investments…you’ll love reading Dan’s insights.

Read more about geo-political commentator and financial investment specialist Dan Denning.

Money Morning Australia also has regular contributions from its international network of overseas affiliates which are part of the Agora Inc group. These include Money Week (UK) and Money Morning (USA).

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