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I’m Kris Sayce, Editor of Money Morning.

We’re based in Melbourne, Australia but have affiliates in London, England (you may be familiar with MoneyWeek magazine)… Baltimore, USA and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Thank you for visiting our site. Let me briefly introduce ourselves, and explain how to find your way around.

Every day an awful lot is written about finance and investing.  Much of it is incredibly boring.  Lots more is either meaningless or plain stupid.  And most of it is a complete waste of your time.

The important financial stories… and how you can profit.

Our aim is simple.  To give you intelligent and enjoyable (yes, enjoyable!) commentary on the most important financial stories of the day, and tell you how to profit from them.

So how do we do that?

Firstly by talking to thoughtful people who really know their stuff.  That means professionals, fund managers, stockbrokers, industry experts, and the commentators that we respect.

And Secondly, by reading a huge amount of financial news and commentary every week.  That means all the mainstream sources (press, websites and magazines) and many more specialised ones, such as broker reports, newsletters, newswires, trade journals and so on.

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So that’s Money Morning… A round-up of the day’s most important financial stories delivered to your e-mail inbox.  Practical investment advice to help you make money.  And all delivered in a way that won’t send you to sleep.  What more could you want?!

3 ways to discover the hottest investments…

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How to find what you want on this website

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More detailed advice from our experts…

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I hope you enjoy our website and find it useful.

And good luck with your investments!

All the best,

Kris Sayce
Editor, MoneyMorning