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The biggest danger in trading the stock market is getting caught up in the stock market hype.

You can be the most bearish trader there is, yet a few days of seeing the stock market cranking up can make you question yourself.

The same goes for bullish traders. They think the stock market is going to the moon. Yet a couple of days of big sell-offs and they press the panic button.

The thing is you don’t know for sure which way the stock market will go until it’s gone there. Sounds obvious right? So as a share market investor you owe it to yourself to stack the odds in your favour.

But with the current state of the global economy — how can anyone make sense of where the market is heading next? And how can you know which ups and which downs are more important than others?

At Money Morning Australia we don’t claim to know everything there is to know about the stock market. Nobody does. But what we do try and do is help you make sense of what’s happening in the wider economy…so you can trade the stock market more profitably.

To discover some of the most valuable investment ideas on the global and Australian share markets, click on the tabs below.

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Share Market

Australian Share Market

Discover more than just Australian stock market news. Instead enjoy a contrarian perspective on the Australian share market, an analysis of good and bad ASX-listed companies and an insight into which Australian stocks are moving the market. Learn what it all means for you and your money. Plus discover which ASX shares are worth paying attention too — and which you should avoid.

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  • The Rally in Aussie Stocks is not Over yet… (1/9/2015) - When we look ahead, we see room for stocks to run higher. Plenty of upside remains. Here’s one reason why the rally in Aussie stocks is not over yet…
  • The Easiest Place You Can Start Investing (1/7/2015) - It’s tough, but not impossible, to earn a better return than what the stock market index provides. Some of Australia’s smartest investors understand that.
  • Is This the Bottom for Iron Ore? (1/6/2015) - Investors hate companies that mine iron ore. You don’t need us to bring you up to speed on that — it’s a theme that has dominated the Aussie stock market for the past four years.
  • Rich Pickings from an Australian Dollar Breakdown (1/5/2015) - Many Aussie-listed companies rake in earnings in foreign currencies while their costs are denominated in Australian dollars. Certain exporters fit this bill
  • The Eight-Point Guide for Picking Great Stocks (1/1/2015) - Before stocks are ever being considered for the Guild’s portfolios, every potential investment has to meet our strict list of eight criteria. No exceptions.

Stocks and Bonds

Stocks and Bonds

Learn how an investment in the right stocks and bonds can help build and protect your wealth. Money Morning will tell you everything you need to know about dividend stocks, small-caps and penny shares, resource and mining stocks, energy stocks, gold and silver stocks, oil and gas stocks, corporate and government bonds, blue chip stocks and more…

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  • The Secret Beneath Incredible Wealth (1/31/2015) - The world’s best investors don’t make their dough by staying meek and mild. They certainly don’t earn their millions by buying and selling the large-cap stocks
  • Should You Let Your Investment Winners Run? (1/31/2015) - By buying a stock or staying invested in it, you are foregoing the opportunity to be invested in another stock — which may or may not be a better investment
  • An Old Bear Surrenders to the Market Rally (1/28/2015) - Surely the bulls in the stock market can’t keep the upper hand forever, right? Maybe not, but some high-profile bears are only just starting to get onboard with this rally…
  • Why Boring Stocks are Beautiful (1/12/2015) - If you think high-flying tech stocks have provided the strongest returns over the past 27 years, you’d better think again. The record books reveal a simple truth: boring is beautiful…
  • The Dow Jones: Welcome to Multi-year Equities Bull Market (1/9/2015) - The bottom line is that the Dow Jones is making a very bullish setup for 2015. The market is extremely bullish.

Share Trading

Share Trading

Trading shares on the stock market is no mean feat. If share trading is something you’d like to get better at, it doesn’t hurt to learn from those in the know. Stock traders who’ve made a fortune, lost it all, and made it back again can help you avoid the common pitfalls of trading the share market and provide guidance and insight on how to make money from trading.

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World Markets

World Markets

Global markets are so intertwined these days — what happens in one region of the financial markets can affect another half way around the world. Learn how world market events can affect your investments here in Australia and how you can prosper by being ahead of the game.

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Small Cap Stocks

Small Cap Stocks

Small-cap stocks (or penny shares) are some of the most risky and volatile stocks on the market. But they can make you the most money too. Discover why we love small-caps so much and learn how to invest in them with limited risk…for big profits.

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