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big four banks royal commission
Will the Big Four Banks Get Away with Their Behaviour?
big four banks royal commissionWhile the banks may be humiliated and reprimanded, and while their stocks may fall due to a lowering of consumer confidence…all the commission can really do is demand that the banks tell all. The commission can then give recommendations to the federal government. But whether the banks do anything, or even take on these recommendations, is a whole other story.
Is the Electric Car Revolution Real or Hype?
electric carsThe endgame of this non-combustion engine world might not happen at all. The ultimate success of EVs and a future of new car powertrains relies solely on one group of people. Car buyers. People like you. It comes down to understanding not what they make, but how they make it. If you understand that key difference, you could profit from the biggest energy opportunity we’ve seen since the early 1900s.
One of the Best Assets to Own
ASX Ltd and crypto exchanges will be one of the best assets to ownBitcoin isn’t the best asset coming out of the crypto space. Well, not yet anyway. The best assets in the crypto world are the toll bridges all crypto investors have to go through. The ASX Ltd [ASX:ASX] is a great company. They are one of the most profitable market operators in the world. They act as a toll bridge between investors and securities like stocks, futures and options.
Labor Plays Rich Against Poor to Grab Your Cash Dividend Bonus
labor tax changesNot only will it hurt the so-called wealthy, it will hurt those with no taxable income who enjoy the cash bonus in retirement. Of course there are investors on the other side of the fence. But what about those who’ve set up plans to benefit from these franking credit cash bonuses? Is Labor going to toss them to the side to win votes from the have nots?
How Far Would You Go to Make $100K?
crypto investing could make you $100k or moreTo many people raising $100,000 in a year would be unheard of. Most people don’t make that kind of money to save it. And most people don’t have enough money to invest into stocks to generate it. But what if you could invest in opportunities to give yourself a real chance at turning just a few hundred bucks into potentially $100,000 or more?
Get Ready for Gold’s Impending Move
gold set to surge higherWhile there is a lot of uncertainty around markets right now, a good strategy is to go for relative value. Right now, gold reflects good relative value. That is, relative to other asset classes, gold looks the least risky in terms of valuation. There are reasons to believe that gold is readying for a major breakout. If that happens, the price will move higher, very quickly.
Why Gold Is Building Towards a Breakout
gold breakout coming?Right now in Australia, we’re getting low nominal wage growth and increased costs in about everything. That means many Australians are experiencing a reduction in REAL wages. Inflation is coming. It may not hit next month, this year, or even the next. But it’s coming. Which brings me to gold. When the market realises that governments and central banks will put up with higher than expected levels of inflation, it will start moving ‘insurance capital’ into the precious metal.
Australia’s Real Economic Growth Rate Will Shock You
economic growth rate in AustraliaIt is everyone’s individual responsibility to improve their own standard of living, and not expect the government to do so for them. But at the aggregate level, it is certainly the role of government to ensure that people have the opportunities if they wish to take them. And on this front, they’re failing us badly.