REVEALED: One Opportunity to Escape Your Mortgage

The Aussie banks and the Australian government have made a crucial mistake. One that could turn out to be very profitable for you. It’s a huge opportunity for Aussie battlers to get their own back by enforcing their rights against two of the biggest bullies in their financial lives.

This opportunity could see you burn your mortgage decades before you hoped to, without having to sell your house. Yes, that’s hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt…gone.

We’ve just finished recording a controversial video presentation that reveals exactly what you need to do to find out if you can take the banks to the cleaners. You can watch it later this week.

Why should you find the time to see us explain all this to you on camera?

Simply: this story is HUGE…

Could You Cancel Your Mortgage?

You see, in their rush to churn out mortgages as fast as possible in order to earn commissions, some lenders made a big mistake. They altered people’s financial details on seemingly unimportant loan paperwork to get them past lending standards.

In our brand new video presentation, released later this week, you’ll be able to see for yourself exactly what’s been going on. But for now you should know that the initial victims of this fraud have unwittingly exposed an opportunity for wronged Aussie borrowers to cancel or reduce their loans. And yes, they get to keep their house.

If it seems like this couldn’t apply to you, you should definitely watch the video to find out just how widespread this problem is. It’s the biggest source of feedback we’ve been getting lately, all from readers who were willing to find out if the opportunity applied to them.

The government and financial world’s arcane rules and manipulations are enough to make your head spin. But they also create opportunities. No opportunity is as big as the one presented by Australia’s mortgage fraud scandal.

Keep an eye out later this week for the step by step guide you need to find out if you can cancel your mortgage too.

(In the meantime don’t forget to check out the latest analysis from our trading expert Murray Dawes. In this report he reveals what he calls the ‘Market Matrix’ and the impact it could have on your investments. Check it out here…)

Of course, we’re well aware that big financial scandals are losing their power to shock. So maybe the thought that bankers and brokers are fiddling mortgage application paperwork is no big surprise to you.

And maybe it’s no surprise to learn that this is just one way those in a position of power are looking to manipulate, embezzle and acquire the fruits of your hard work and saving.

Let us tell you about three more thefts the government and banks are getting ready to inflict on you. Two are already in operation and a third is in the works.

Nickolai Hubble.
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