Here’s Proof the Silver Bullion Market is Alive and Well

Buyers are viewing the current fall in the price of gold and silver as an opportunity to grab a bargain — not a time to panic.

Have you tried to buy some gold or silver bullion yourself?

You might find it’s not as easy as you thought. I recommend you go through one of the usual dealers to see what I mean (and get it a sensible price). Just be prepared for a wait. This note on the Ainslie Bullion site says it all:

‘We’d like to apologise to our customers at having to close our web store this afternoon. After the craziness last night we have been overwhelmed on the trading floor all day with buying at these prices. With a back log of internet orders as well we could not be confident of having stock to supply new orders and took the decision to close the website rather than sell something we couldn’t deliver. We hope to have it back up soon tonight after a stock take now trading has finished.’

As I say, I’d recommend buying from a dealer. But to see what happens when buyers and sellers meet directly on the free market, also check out

It’s hard to believe, but you’ll find silver on offer at up to A$42.55 / ounce (A$1386/kilo).

That is 89% above the silver spot price!

Put another way, silver bullion is selling on the free market for close to double the spot price that commodity exchange Comex would like you to believe silver is worth.

Sounds to me like the markets are speaking for themselves. Take a look at this screenshot if you don’t believe me.

Silver Trading on the Free Market at Close to Double the Silver Spot Price…

Silver  Trading on the Free Market at Close to Double the Silver Spot Price

Here’s a confession. I have bought, and sold thousands of dollars of items successfully on eBay (nerd alert: my thing is for ancient Greek coins, and antique Australian cashier’s cheques) and have no problems with its integrity.

But all the same, if you want to buy silver bullion, with minimal patience you can buy at a much better rate than you’d find on eBay! Of course, then if you’re a seller (not that many informed owners of physical are) then this is the place for you.

Dr Alex Cowie
Editor, Diggers & Drillers

Ed Note: Buying physical gold and silver isn’t hard, but there are easier ways to bet on the gold and silver price. In today’s Money Morning Premium Notes, Kris reveals the eight simple ways Aussie investors can punt on metal prices without going through the hassle of storing, securing and insuring physical metal.

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