A Revolution in the Share Market is Coming…

What a week.

We don’t blame you if two consecutive days of big falls spooked you.

Although if you were an investor during the market volatility of 2008, then you should remember all too clearly what it’s like when the market gets really hairy.

Remember, despite last week’s two rotten days, the market is still only 5% below the recent high. That’s about half the drop seen by gold in recent weeks.

So don’t let the stock-haters scare you out of the market. Because the fact is, the stock market is still hands down the best place to build long-term wealth.

It’s for that reason we’ve spent the past five months working on a project to help you take part in some of the most spectacular investment opportunities on the planet – regardless of what happens in the broader economy…

There are three ways to build lasting long-term wealth.

The first is to build your own business from the ground up – like Richard Branson or Kerry Packer.

The second is to speculate on land values and high-density buildings – like Donald Trump or Frank Lowy.

Those are pretty good ways to build wealth. But they’re high risk. In both cases, if you’re serious about making a fortune, you’ve got to put everything into it. You can’t go half-arsed into a business idea. And you can’t do it with a big property deal either.

You’ve got to put everything on the line. For those who get it right, it can lead to untold riches. But for those who don’t get it right it can leave them wishing they hadn’t bothered, or at worst with huge debts and a useless business.

That’s fine for some. They like taking big risks. But it takes a certain type of person. And although there are hundreds of thousands of small businesses in Australia, not every business has delivered untold riches.

That’s why we believe the third option is the single best way to build wealth…

The Next Generation of Revolutionary Shares

Unlike starting a private business or property development, you don’t need to put your life or home on the line to fund it. In fact, you can start with as little as $500.

You know what we’re talking about. We’re talking about share investing.

But the project we’re working on isn’t to do with any old shares. It’s a particular type of share. We call them revolutionary shares.

So, what are Revolutionary shares?

They are shares in companies that are at the leading edge of technological advancement. They are to the market today what General Electric was in 1896…what Ford was in 1910…what Sony was in 1980…what Microsoft was in 1990…and what Apple was in 2003.

We’re talking about companies that are doing more than making a small incremental change to people’s lives. They are companies that are grabbing the world by the proverbial scruff of the neck and shaking it up.

Of course, you may wonder why we’d start on this project while the world economy is on the edge of collapse. That’s simple. There are two reasons why we’re embarking on this project today.

First, there’s no telling when or if ever the current financial system will collapse. The politicians and bankers have already postponed things for five years. Who’s to say they won’t stall the worst for another 5, 10, 15 or 50 years?

The second reason is just as important. The fact is, innovation and progress doesn’t stop for anyone. People and businesses innovate and change regardless of the broader market condition.

As business magazine Forbes noted on a report by the Kauffman Foundation:

Past recessions have been remarkably productive in the areas of business formation. And not any businesses, either. As the survey made plain, half the members of the current Fortune 500 were founded during recessions or bear markets.

That’s a key fact. It proves that despite the loud noises about collapsing this and bailout that, most businesses and entrepreneurs keep their heads down and get on with coming up with ideas and making money.

Opportunities Without Borders

So, while others focus on the negatives, we’re going full bore into focusing on the positives. It’s a big task…a huge task. That’s why we’ve recruited someone to help us out – Sam Volkering.

You’ve seen his name a few times in Money Morning. He has his own column in the weekend edition. In that column Sam highlights the latest advances in technology, healthcare and energy.

Sam is Port Phillip Publishing’s new technology analyst. It’s Sam’s job to trawl the world to find, analyse, research and – in the right situation – recommend investments in the world’s most innovative and technologically advanced companies.

This is a Revolutionary project without borders. If the best action is in Australia he’ll find it. If it’s in Silicon Valley, Frankfurt or Tokyo, he’ll find it there too.

You’ll get an idea of Sam’s work in the essay that follows these notes. And over the next three weeks we’ll reveal more of this Revolutionary project, including how you can secure your seat in this unique opportunity.

Remember, humanity and technology have advanced with every generation for the past 500 years. And over the longer term, humanity and technology have advanced over tens of thousands of years.

We don’t see why that trend should stop now.

Stay tuned for more…


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