Immersive Technology and the Problem of Big Data

It’s a small world we live in. Physically it’s quite large, but metaphorically it’s not.

But way back in the 1900’s the world was epic. It was hard to travel around and communication barely existed outside the written letter.

With that in mind think about what technology was like in the early 1900’s.

TV didn’t exist, radio was new, powered flight was about to be invented and the car was only something for the uber rich.

Imagine what it would be like to go back and speak to someone in 1913. Could you explain to them what technology would be like in 100 years’ time?

A Different World

Try explaining what a mobile phone is considering that the telephone barely didn’t even existed then. That cars which had just been invented will become electric.

What about that contraption the Wright brothers were working on? Well a big version of that will take people across the world in a matter of hours. And then a really big version will one day take people into space.

Try telling someone back then that you can monitor their entire world with tiny sensors. And these sensors will tell us everything. Everything needed to help make day-to-day living easier, safer and more enjoyable.

It’s likely if you tried to explain what today’s world would be like to someone 100 years ago, or even 30 years ago, they would certify you insane.

But insane or not, the constant theme is that amazing developments happen over time. And as the world progresses, governments come and go, and doom and gloom appears and disappears.

Regardless of the ‘economic climate’ the human race still advances.

Sometimes we take for granted the progression of the world. We lose perspective of the long game and focus on the short term mish-mash of drama that dictates the daily papers and news.

Here’s a good example. Aussies went to the polls on 7 September. That’s right, the election. Let me make something clear: this has absolutely no impact on the technological development of the world whatsoever. It has no impact on a cure for cancer, the reality of hypersonic flight or if the internet of things will become a way of life.

Take this as a strong reminder that short term concerns have very little impact to the longer term play.

Problems Equal Profit Opportunity

If you want to build wealth, generational wealth, don’t get bogged down in the day to day nonsense. Instead, look at the trends we’re helping you to identify and then seize the opportunities to take part in it rather than just watch.

One of the trends we’ve talked about since launching Revolutionary Tech Investor is another example of this. You’ve seen us write about it and heard the terms. This includes the Quantified Self Movement and Immersive Technology.

This particular trend is part of your life already and you may not even realise. Bloomberg recently reported on this trend:

‘"It’s smart cities, smart buildings, smart water," said Susan Eustis, president of WinterGreen Research Inc. "It’s enabling a world of things. It’s going to grow unbelievably fast."

‘The market for sensors integrated with processors will reach 2.8 trillion devices in 2019, up from 65 million this year, according to WinterGreen. Some of these sensors could be no larger than a pinhead.’

2.8 trillion devices! Remember there are only 7 billion people in the world. That’s 400 devices per person.

However, big problems exist with so many devices and sensors. But with those problems also comes innovative companies with company-making solutions.

One of these problems is too much data. It’s so excessive it’s near impossible to make sense of it all. The other problem is an even greater risk…cyber security.

Everything you do these days creates data. So it’s important the right protection exists to keep your information safe. That’s why we need cyber security.

And while we go about our day to day business there’s something monumental getting momentum that could tear everything down. It’s the silent war. It’s all-out Cyber Warfare.

Make no mistake about it, as positive as we are about the future, the inherent risk of cyber warfare still exists. We certainly don’t believe it will result in a dystopian future though.

Cyber security is a problem, but one that’s being tackled head on. The digital war is already underway, and there are a few companies on the front line of this battle.

Right now we’re scrutinising these companies as we find, research, analyse and present the best of the best in Revolutionary Tech Investor. Because we know there’s great opportunity for the right company to profit from the threat of cyber warfare.

But cyber warfare aside, the immersive technology trend is real; it’s happening right now.

Sam Volkering+
Technology Analyst, Revolutionary Tech Investor

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