Small Australian Tech Company ‘Dubber’ Signs with Overseas Telco

Dubber Corporation [ASX:DUB] may not be known to many investors. But they are a $49.91 million market cap company transforming call recording to ‘the cloud’. This morning, Dubber’s stock jumped up as much as 4.62%, to 68 cent per share.

Dubber Corp

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What happened to the Dubber share price?

The Dubber share price jump was a reaction to their newly-formed agreement with a large Singapore-based Telco. It seems that Asia is not only a growing market for agriculture and consumer goods, but for communications also.

Even Australia’s largest Telco, Telstra Corporation [ASX:TLS], has set their sights on Asia. Telstra believes Asia is the next growth market for communications. And it makes sense. There are billions of people in the region. And hundreds of millions of Asian’s own multiple phones. In fact, online mobile spending has increased right throughout Asia. Analysts believe this trend will continue to grow as the globe transitions from personal computers to mobile phones.

But back to Dubber. The company’s services relate directly to recording phone calls, which are then stored ‘in the cloud’. This might not sound so amazing at first. But when you think about its usefulness to consumer, it’s no wonder why Telco’s want their services.

In accordance with the agreement, Dubber will provide both fixed and mobile call recordings to the Singapore Telco. The agreement is expected to generate $50,000 of monthly revenues, starting in Q3. Dubber will also have to potential to generate $200,000 monthly recurring revenue from on-demand subscribers.

Applications for the future

What I find interesting about Dubber’s services is their applications. Sure we can just dub them as a recording company. But that’s boring. And it doesn’t fully cover the extent of their services.

Let’s say for example your boss calls you. You’re not in trouble, but they listed off a lot of important details. You can’t call your boss back to ask what he’s just told you. Instead you just retrieve the call that was recorded with Dubber and rehash any details you missed.

I can see this becoming big for intra-company communications. If projects or meetings are agreed upon via phone, then conversations can be tracked and revisited in the future if needed.

There’s even an advantage for constructions workers here. Site managers are constantly on the phone or on site delegating tasks. The example I used above could apply here too.

Dubber’s tech would save time, cutting down on hassle across many industries.

Dubber’s managing director Steve McGovern commented on the agreement, stating:

Our Telco partner is a major player in the Asian market and we are delighted to be working with them to provide ground breaking solutions which will enhance the customer experience, enable leading edge services in the area of voice, data capture and drive new revenue streams.

Harje Ronngard,

Junior Analyst, Money Morning

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