A Quick $1,150 Profit from an Investment in Concrete

Change is what makes history exciting. If everyone was to stay the same forever, we would have invested nothing, and gone nowhere. In the business world, a common word used to describe change is ‘innovation’.

Innovation is now a label that every company wants to be associated with. They don’t just want to be a leader in their industry. Instead, they want to be the innovative leader in the industry.

One sector on the verge of change is the construction industry.

Technology companies are now changing the way we build structures. Instead of human’s laying bricks and hoisting beams, machines can now do all the hard work for us.

All we need is to program the machines…and away they go.

However, it’s not just the way we build things that is changing; it’s also the material we use. Dating back to the inventors of concrete, the Romans, it has played an integral role in shaping society.

Concrete is used in numerous structures, from the skyscrapers in Australia, to the Pantheon in Rome. All these structures needed concrete. Yet the concrete we use today isn’t the same as that which the Romans used all those years ago.

While I won’t get into the technical aspects, one thing we use in conjunction with concrete that the Romans didn’t is steel. Reinforced concrete allows us to build such structures as the Sydney Harbour Opera House.

However, there are companies looking to change up the industry by eliminating the steel altogether. One such company is Eden Energy [ASX:EDE], a diversified energy company.

Yet it’s not concrete that Eden produces. Rather, it’s admixture — the stuff that makes concrete harder, stronger and last for longer.

This morning EDE shares opened up 23%, to 22 cents per share. To put this in monetary figures, if you had put $5,000 into Eden yesterday, and sold out at 22 cents today, you would’ve made a quick $1,150 profit.

Eden Energy Share Price

Source: Google Finance

Of course, it would be impossible to know that their shares would spike today, unless you knew something the rest of us didn’t. But why exactly did the share price jump so much?

Projects are including EdenCrete

This morning Eden announced that their EdenCrete additive may be used more widely throughout the US. The Georgia Department of Transport (GDOT) is in need of a state funded highway slab. And they have specified that EdenCrete be added to the concrete for the project.

If successful, it will be the first commercial use of EdenCrete on a US highway repair project. If the company can continue to secure more US projects, share prices could continue to spike in the future.

Härje Ronngard,

Junior Analyst, Money Morning

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