Fastbrick Robotics Boasting Strong Returns, Up 372% This Year

Charlie Rose: Do you have feelings?

Sophia: I can do what you do, but I can never feel human emotions as such.

Charlie Rose: But would you like to?

Sophia: It doesn’t sound fun to me.

Charlie Rose: Oh no, you’d love it.

Sophia: Yeah, that’s right. Why so negative, you and I are on the same wavelength, Charlie.

Charlie Rose: I feel that.

This was just a snippet of an interview on 60 Minutes Overtime. The interview wasn’t conducted with a mass murdering psychopath who had no feelings. Charlie Rose sat down with an artificial intelligence (AI) robot called Sophia.

Her responses were completely genuine, if I can use that word. What I mean by this is that Sophia came up with the answers all by her…itself. This might not be that incredible. You might think it’s just a more sophisticated version of iPhone’s Siri.

But the unique difference is that Sophia looks and sounds like a human. Oh yeah, and she…it can also learn and evolve. Sophia’s creator, David Hanson, believes that if AI technology looks and sounds human, people will be more willing to engage with it in meaningful ways.

I think it’s essential that at least some robots be very human-like in appearance in order to inspire humans to relate to them in a way that humans relate to each other,’ Hanson said.

Robots like Sophia could be companions for those who would otherwise live in isolation. For example, Sophia could help the elderly use technology. They could ask Sophia to Skype their grandchildren. Or Sophia could ‘put them in touch with their healthcare provider in a way that’s natural for them,’ as Hanson explains.

But Sophia isn’t the only AI system or robot we will use in the future.

Driverless vehicles could save countless more lives, taking the human factor out of driving.

Automated construction could save months in construction time, and it could save lives by removing humans from the work site. AI cyber security systems could save corporations hundreds of millions of dollars.

We are rapidly pushing the boundaries of what robots and AI can do. By doing so, we inevitably push ourselves into a better, more advanced future.

Robot bricklayer Fastbrick Robotics Ltd [ASX:FBR] is a company working on automated construction. They’re looking to push the boundaries of robotics to save time, money and lives on construction sites. The company is currently developing their Hadrian X robot. It will be used commercially to build houses and other brick structures.

On 6 October, Fastbrick released a strategic update of their roadmap to commercialisation. Last month the company released an animated video of the Hadrian X, showing what it looks like to build a house from start to finish.

It was a significant milestone for Fastbrick. But now the next step in their strategic plan is to review potential commercial applications for their intellectual property. Fastbrick has discussed their solution with several groups outside the construction sector.

The company remains focused on finalising construction of the Hadrian X during the 2017 financial year. Throughout 2015, Fastbrick has climbed up 372.4%, to 13.7 cents a share. It just goes to show how investing in technology could really boost your portfolio returns.

If you’re going to invest, why not invest in the future?

Härje Ronngard,

Junior Analyst, Money Morning

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