Meet the Bushbamaton’s and the 2025 US President

In today’s Money Morning…it’s not too late to get your ‘Virtual Seat’ at Port Phillip Publishing’s conference…a family reign from 1989 to 2017…a not-so-crazy guess at who the 46th US President could be…and more…

In about 12 hours I’ll be jumping on a plane again. Destination Melbourne, Australia. I’m coming back. And I’m damn excited about it, too.

I’m coming back because in just over a week’s time we’ll be kicking off the biennial Port Phillip Publishing conference. This year’s theme is The Great Repression. It’s going to be epic. The fact we’ve sold out of all 650 seats is testament to how brilliant the conference will be.

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The conference will cover a wide range of topical issues. And I have no doubt several speakers will make comment about the impending US elections.

After all the US President is the (self-proclaimed) ‘leader of the free world’. Perhaps more accurate the ‘ruler of the repressed world’.

The next leader will come in the form of Hillary Rodham Clinton or Donald John Trump.

Either could spell disaster for the world. It’s just a matter of who’s going to be the better of two evils.

It’s looking likely that Clinton is going to win. I say this because she has two things going for her. One is she’s not Donald Trump. The other is she’s part of the elite team I call the Bushbamatons.

Who the heck are the Bushbamatons?

In 1998 George H. W. Bush beat Mike Dukakis in the US Presidential elections. On January the 20th 1989 Bush Senior was sworn into office, thereby starting 30 years of American rule.

Bush served just one term of Presidency, until January 1993. While short lived, he did still manage to deploy military muscle and authorise the Gulf War. Then he was beaten in the polls by William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton.

Clinton managed to survive two terms, just. In 1998 he was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice. He got off…on the charges. And then somehow he managed to leave office in 2001 with the highest ‘end-of-office’ approval rating of any President since the Second World War.

If Presidents could serve more than two terms it’s likely Clinton would have gone again. I say that because his successor could very well be a war criminal, George W. Bush.

Bush also somehow managed to survive two terms of office. Albeit his first election win came under great scrutiny. Even to this day no one really knows if Bush or Al Gore won the state of Florida in the 2000 elections.

The final margin was 537 votes. This was enough to win Florida and the US Presidency…if only it had gone the other way…

Bush was loved and unloved all at once by the US people. Early on in his tenure he invaded Iraq (like father like son). His reasoning (with the admiration and support of Tony Blair) was Iraq possessed ‘weapons of mass destruction’. They were wrong, but it didn’t stop them. There’s good argument to suggest they acted illegally, and may even be guilty of war crimes.

Bush Junior’s reign was a tumultuous one. After the 9/11 attacks his popularity skyrocketed. That allowed him to bring the PATRIOT Act into play, which would result in unheard of scope for the US to spy domestically and internationally.

And then the US went through their worst recession since the Second World War. During the 2008 debt crisis Bush’s popularity was at an all-time low. Luckily, this was the end of his reign. He would then hand over the reins to Barrack Obama.

Guess who Obama beat in the Democratic primaries in 2008? Hillary Clinton.

Obama has gone on to serve two terms. Taking over the economic turmoil from Bush, Obama has done little to improve the situation in the US. While the Dow and NASDAQ are at all-time highs, the economy is still on the brink of collapse under the weight of trillions in debt.

Obama too hasn’t been short on military influence. Under his watch the US allegedly killed, captured and disposed of Osama Bin Laden at sea. And influence in the Middle East (Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Libya, Iran and Syria) has been a constant throughout Obama’s reign.

It looks like Obama is going to hand over to Clinton — Hillary that is.

Bush, Clinton, another Bush, and Obama running the US since 1989. Next is probably another Clinton, probably for another eight years.

And then quite possibly another Obama after that.

That’s right, Michelle Obama.

Welcome to the 42-year reign of the Bushbamatons.

The 46th US President?

Some are saying Trump could win. But that’s not the case. Not if the US political elite continue to hold sway in the ‘land of the free’.

In a Boston Globe article on 17 September this year, the headline read, ‘Hillary Clinton’s secret weapon could be Michelle Obama’. The article went on to say,

Mrs. Obama is emerging as one of Clinton’s most effective advocates, especially with voters who backed President Barack Obama but are less enthusiastic about his potential Democratic successor.’

What’s interesting is that if Michelle Obama was running in this election, I think she’d probably win. Her popularity is incredible.

A Gallup poll from August showed Michelle Obama as more popular than potential ‘First Ladies’, Melania Trump and, err, Bill Clinton by some margin.

Also her popularity is significantly higher than Hilary Clinton’s when she was First Lady during Bill’s reign in 2001–2009.

But Michelle Obama isn’t running for President…yet. We think she might. And if she does she’ll get there with the help of some powerful friends.

Take note of Michelle Obama’s growing friendship with George W. Bush. As reported in CNN Politics,

Over the past eight years, former President George W. Bush and First Lady Michelle Obama have been seen becoming increasingly chummy. At public events, the two can often be found sitting next to each other, sharing a laugh or lending a hand to hold.’

This friendship between Bush and Obama is a big deal. You see, it’s likely Clinton will be next President. She’ll get there with a little help from the increasingly powerful Michelle Obama.

But after Hillary? Why not Michelle?

Let’s not forget Hillary was First Lady once too. If Clinton can survive two terms, that gives Michelle Obama the next eight years to build her power base. And with the backing of Clinton plus the friendship of Bush, nothing will likely stop her.

With a little help from the Bushs and the Clintons, Michelle Obama could be the 46th US President. That could see a 42-year span of the almighty political reign of the Bushbamatons.


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