Why We’re at the Start of a Decade-Long BOOM

Phil Anderson has a strong opinion on pretty much everything.

For one, he has no patience for stupidity.

He also has no respect for the mainstream media.

And he DETESTS so-called ‘elites’ who think they know better than the market.

To him, political correctness is killing the world today, because it stops people from speaking the truth.

Well, for better or worse, Phil certainly doesn’t suffer from that problem! That was unequivocally clear when he took the stage at the jam-packed Glade Pavilion:

There are only two places left in the world where my audience is predominantly white and old…

Country regions of England, where most of the Brexit voters came from…and other parts of Australia.

If I talk in London, US and Asia…my audiences are filled with younger folks, with Asians, Africans and Latinos. And their view of the world is NOT what you heard yesterday.

For the last day and a half we’ve heard how Australia and the world at large are heading for a debt-fuelled crash. A deflationary spiral that could decimate stock and property prices.

Yesterday Jim Rogers described it as the end of the world as we know it.

Vern Gowdie said the whole thing was a mirage…an illusion with no truth or substance.

And today Jim Rickards warned of the coming collapse of the monetary system.

I absolutely and fundamentally do not believe this,’ exclaimed Phil. ‘And I don’t want to stand up here and give you another set of opinions…I want to teach you how to understand the structure of the economy.

It’s his knowledge of this structure that led him to make what was undoubtedly the most controversial prediction of the entire conference:

Far from a collapse…I will show you why the world is on the verge of a super and massive boom in the next 10 years.’

Now if you don’t know Phil, here’s a brief background…

For over 25 years he’s studied economics and markets. And what he’s discovered is that Western economies exhibit an 18-year real estate cycle.

It’s this cycle that underpins financial markets. As Phil says…

Generally this cycles out as 14 years up and four years down.

A study of US history, for example, reveals a very clear (average) 18 cycle in US real estate prices, measured from trough to trough or peak to peak.

The actual cycle has never been shorter than 17 years, never longer than 21. According to my research, the Australian market follows the US.

The good news is that once you understand the real estate cycle, you can forecast it. History, I assure you, does repeat. And if you can forecast correctly, you can make money.’

According to Phil, understanding this real estate cycle is the absolute key to becoming and staying wealthy.

Once you see it, you’ll have an incredible advantage few other investors ever see or understand. You’ll also rarely need to worry about the barrage of conflicting data we all receive every day.

Every 18 Years…

So what does Phil mean by a real estate cycle?

‘It’s how the economy will move — and why — over time. You’ll have a guide as to when to buy real estate and when to stay out of the market. You’ll understand much more about the stock market too.

‘Not only has the real estate cycle been historically consistent at about 18 years in duration, each cycle has unfolded in a highly regular and consistent manner.’

In 2005 Phil created a clock that gives us a visual diagram of how the repeat plays out, based on his research of US real estate (land) beginning from 1800.

Source: Cycles, Trends and Forecasts
Click to enlarge

Now take a look at how Phil used this clock to his advantage…

  • He predicted the US housing market would bottom between 2008–2010, and begin recovering in 2011. He was correct.
  • In 2009, he took on infamous Aussie property bear Steve Keen and told him he was wrong and prices would not crash in Australia. He was correct.
  • He predicted US stocks would hit all-time highs even on worse economic news. He was correct.

What is the property clock telling you today?

This was his main message for those in the audience at The Great Repression…

If you think stocks and property are going to crash, YOU’RE DEAD WRONG.

Once you make the paradigm shift, then you know you have to plan for a real estate cycle…it becomes a lot easier to forecast the economy in which we all live.

No fear

Phil’s talk was a real break from overwhelmingly fearful message of most of the other presenters.

And fear, said Phil, is the biggest obstacle to successful investing.

It paralyses you into inaction. And you do not want to be an investor with fear. What we all trying to do is maximise our earnings. Once you know that there must be a real estate cycle, you can start planning.’

So where are we now in the cycle?

Expect a huge boom over the next 10 years

Phil says:

We are now at 9-o-clock in the United States.

After a bust, the rent of established buildings it goes up. Then makes it cheaper build more. Then more credit follows.

This is where we are at now.’

If history is to repeat, the clock says we have another 10 years to build…and what will follow the biggest boom you have ever seen.’

Later today Phil, along with Callum Newman and Terence Duffy, are hosting a breakout session. In it, they’ll cover strategies on how to trade and potentially profit from this hidden structure of the world’s economy.

To claim your 20% discounted ‘virtual seat’ at this must-see session, click here.

Just remember, this deal closes tonight at midnight.


James Woodburn,
Contributing Editor, Money Morning

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