Super-Specific Investment Tip from Jim Rogers Yesterday

What’s your name and where are you from?’ asked the jolly and exceedingly wealthy man in the bow-tie on stage here at Port Douglas yesterday.

Neil, from Queensland.

I’m sorry, what?



No, Neil.

Oh Neil!’ the American exclaimed. ‘I know you guys THINK you speak English out here, but really…

This was the tone of Jim Rogers’ presentation throughout. It’s one of the best I’ve seen in the 11 years that Port Phillip Publishing has been putting on events. And we’ve had some crackers.

It wasn’t just great because he’s such a warm and engaging speaker.

(And a bit of a flirt with MC Kerry Stevenson, it must be said. Although you didn’t hear it from me…)

It was great because he spilled the beans on what he’s doing with his own vast fortune (estimated at around US$300 million).

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And he revealed some strong, and very specific, suggestions on what you should be doing with your wealth right now — they were perhaps the most specific suggestions of what you should own that I’ve ever seen at a conference from a speaker of his means and experience.

You can find out what they are by snapping up your copy of the recordings of the conference while we’re still doing the early bird 20% discount here.

But I’ll give you a taster…

Jim’s speech was called: ‘How I See the World Today and What I am Doing about It’.

Some quick background if you don’t know Jim Rogers…

He co-founded the Quantum Fund in the early 1970s.

It went on to become legendary among hedge funds. If you were a lucky investor over that time, Rogers could have made you 4,200% over 10 years.

He clocked out of full-time investing as a very wealthy man in 1980, aged 37.

He then motor-biked his way around the world. He studied markets and economics along the way. And wrote several books on his adventures, including Investment Biker and Adventure Capitalist.

He’s not just passionate about money and investing, but people and places as well. At 74, he acts half his age. Literally. He has two young daughters, 13 and eight.

He told us that he showed his eight-year-old daughter a map of where our conference, The Great Repression, is being held.

She said, ‘That’s the end of the world!

His obvious reply: Yes. And I’m going there to TALK about the end of the world!

So Jim Rogers thinks the world is going to end. Meaning we’re going to have a massive bust.

It’s going to be worse than anything you have seen in your lifetime. And I don’t care how old you are!

If you’ve been reading Jim’s stuff in the media this year, you’ll know this is not a new claim. But what surprised me yesterday is that, in the media, he hasn’t been drawn on specifying the timing of when the crash might happen.

Maybe it’s the climate here. Or Kerry Stevenson. But yesterday, he was prepared to narrow it down a little: ‘Within the next year or so.

He laid out the case for why a seismic correction in debt-inflated markets must happen. And what assets he’s invested in right now, with that in mind.

It’s a pretty surprising list. Not your usual ‘crisis investments’ like gold and US dollars.

For instance, with the coming crisis in mind, Jim’s long on companies that specialise in cleaning up China’s pollution problems. ‘They won’t care if America disappears off the face off the Earth. They’ll be too busy going to work every day.

It is sectors in the world like this you should be focusing on, says Rogers: ‘Buy investments that do well when everything else is collapsing. Do that and stocks go up massively when the world around you is falling. They will get you rich.

He gave a specific list of sectors and countries around the world that he is personally invested in right now. You can get it by ordering your ‘virtual conference’ recordings package here.

Teach your kids Mandarin — now

Both of Jim Rogers’ daughters are fluent in Mandarin.

I’ll repeat their ages — 13 and 8.

They’re not just fluent.

He showed us videos of them winning Mandarin-speaking competitions.

In Singapore.

Jim isn’t encouraging this just so that he can show his kids off at conferences. Long-term, he’s long on China in a very big way. And he thinks every parent should make sure their child knows the official language of the 21st century.

Rogers admits China has immediate problems.

In 2008 China had a lot of money saved for a rainy day. China started spending when it started raining. And it saved the world. But today China has too much debt to save itself. Or Australia…

But Rogers went on to say that we should view China’s setbacks as opportunities to BUY CHINA.

If you’d sold America in 1916,’ he said.

You might have looked OK for the next few years. But would have looked pretty foolish for the next 80 or 90.

When you see these problems in China, take advantage. Because you’ll see that China will come back from each collapse and do better and better.

Donald Trump might well win…

That’s what Jim Rogers thinks.

But it’s also according to the same professor who created a model that correctly predicted every presidential election result for the past 100 years, bar one.

The Independent reports:

The political scientist developed a model which, when applied retroactively, accurately predicted every presidential election since 1912 — with the exception of the 2000 election, when it said Democratic candidate Al Gore would win.

Mr Gore won the popular vote, but following a disputed result in Florida, George W Bush was awarded more votes in the Electoral College and thus won the election.

The model suggests that the candidate who performs better in their party’s primary race will go on to win the presidency.

Professor Norpoth told the New York Post: “I think he was the strongest candidate in the primaries and that he will prevail.”

“The model predicted a Trump win in February and nothing has changed since then. Whatever happens in the real world doesn’t affect the model.”

Yesterday, Dan Denning warned us in his presentation that we underestimate the chances of a Donald Trump win at our peril.

He knows from experience.

The founder of Port Phillip Publishing is now running MoneyWeek Research in London. He went to bed on 23 June confident that the polls were right, and there was no possible way the British electorate would vote to go.

Which was unfortunate. Because as a financial publishing company, we didn’t have a Plan B. When I woke up to multiple texts at 3am, I realised we needed a Plan B. Fast. 

Jim Rogers thinks a Trump win is more than just a vague possibility as well:

Trump might well win. I did not vote for Trump. I did not vote for Clinton. I voted third party. The lesser of two evils is still an evil!

Part of what we’re doing at The Great Repression is thought-experimenting what a financial world might look like in the immediate aftermath of a Trump win.

If you’re interested in formulating your own Plan B, you can see everything that’s going on here by ordering the ‘virtual conference’ recordings package. The 20% early-bird discount deal is still active.

I really think you should do that, just to hear Jim Rogers’ speech alone.

Even if the polls are right and Clinton wins comfortably, Jim Rogers’ suggestions for how to grow wealth during the next big downturn are very compelling.

As Jim said yesterday: ‘You should be knowledgeable. You should be worried. And you should be prepared.


Mike Graham,
Contributing Editor, Money Morning

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