New Year, New Money Weekend

In today’s Money Morning…some exciting changes…how to invest in a world where you can’t know everything…accepting chaos, and finding winners that ‘don’t make sense’…the big new tech stories for the next few years…and more…

The beginning of a new year is a natural time to try new things, and we’re no exception here at Port Phillip Publishing. So this year, we’re shaking things up a bit here at Money Morning.

Your new-look Money Weekend will be written by yours truly, Tyler Jefferson. I’ve been a member of the team here at Money Morning for about five years now, working mainly behind the scenes with all of your editors. This is the first time any of our readers will have seen my name, though, so allow me to introduce myself.

I’ve been a member of Port Phillip Publishing’s editorial team through an astounding half-decade of growth. From a tiny office with just 12 staff and a half-dozen publications, to Australia’s largest independent financial publisher. I originally joined the team for my skills in publishing and editorial, so the years since have been an incredible learning experience on markets and the financial world. I’m convinced that the contrarians and independent thinkers here at Money Morning are the best possible people for me to have learnt from.

Starting today, I’ll be using the Saturday editions to look back at the week in Money Morning. We’ll discuss how your editors viewed events in markets, and the new investment ideas they bring to the table each day. I’ll try to sum up the week, and point you to any big ideas that you may have missed in the flurry of events day-to-day.

And remember that we don’t believe in having a ‘company line’ here at Port Phillip Publishing. All of our editors are free to say what they think, even when (especially when) they might disagree with one another. I’m quietly hoping to see some spirited debates between our editors and contributors this year. With me here to keep score from the sidelines, of course.

You’ll still be hearing from your previous weekend editor, Sam Volkering. He’ll be writing to you each Thursday and Friday in Money Morning. And Greg Canavan, a frequent contributor to Money Morning, as well as previous editor of our sister publication, Markets and Money, will be taking over Mondays to Wednesdays.

You can also expect to hear from world-class contributors from Australia and beyond every week, such as Jim Rickards, Callum Newman, Shae Russell, Jason Stevenson and Terence Duffy, to name just a few.

So, let’s get started!

Money Morning in the New Year

Tuesday saw your first article from Greg Canavan. Greg specialises in a unique blend of value and trend investing. He searches for overlooked opportunities in a chaotic market, where no one can know everything. He began 2017 with a look back at the stories that could have made you huge returns last year — if you were prepared to invest in things that didn’t seem to ‘make sense’ at the time.

There was no shortage of analysts predicting disaster this time last year. Early in 2016 they may have seemed vindicated, but, by the end of the year, markets had proved them wrong. So, when the best opportunities seem to fly in the face of all logic — and most analysts’ predictions — how do you find them in time to invest? And how do you summon up the courage to invest, when so many are afraid to? You can read Greg’s explanation in Tuesday’s Money Morning.

Greg continued the theme on Wednesday. He looked at a pair of highly successful names who weren’t afraid to bet against the majority in the aftermath of last year’s US election. They were so successful that some are speculating about possible insider trading. But Greg explained that it wasn’t an unfair advantage that handed them such large gains. It was the flexibility to change their opinions as the facts changed, and to trade without emotion — something Greg says investors can replicate for their own success. To read how, check out Greg’s Wednesday Money Morning here.

On Thursday, Sam wrote from CES in Las Vegas. CES is one of the world’s largest consumer technology shows. Sam argues that it’s ‘outlier’ ideas where the real money is made on the stock market. Ideas that most investors view as ridiculous or unrealistic. And he has plenty of examples from CES to back him up. Instead of avoiding ‘ridiculous’ opportunities, Sam argues you should seek them out. To read more on why that is, you can find Thursday’s article here.

And on Friday, Sam brought you some of the highlights from the first few days of CES. That included an old favourite of his. Sam began writing about self-driving cars in the pages of Money Morning three years ago. I can remember plenty of incredulous feedback from readers convinced that self-driving cars were impossible, or, at best, decades away from happening. Today, as Sam pointed out, every car manufacturer in the world has a self-driving project on the way, or ready to hit the roads. And plenty of them were on display at CES.

But Sam didn’t go all the way to Las Vegas just to see how the last few years’ big idea was progressing. He’s much more excited about the next wave in tech. To read the details, you can find Friday’s article here.

Finally, Kris Sayce and James Woodburn are back with a new episode of the Financial Anarchists Podcast. In the first episode of 2017 Kris has a revelation on the Australian housing market.

That was it for your first week with the new-look Money Morning. 2017 is already off to a cracking start, and I’m thrilled that I’ll be along for the ride with you. Tune in again next week to hear the rest of Sam’s tech investing ideas from the front lines at CES. And for Greg’s insights to how markets have begun the year, and the mindset that could help you trade them with more success and less stress.


Tyler Jefferson,
Editor, Money Weekend

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Tyler Jefferson joined Port Phillip Publishing in 2012. With a background in publishing, he started out as part of the team working behind the scenes with your Editors to bring you Money Morning each day.

When he joined, Tyler was Port Phillip Publishing’s 12th employee. Today that number has grown to over 50, as more and more readers turn to Money Morning as their source for independent financial analysis and ideas.

Today as Managing Editor, Tyler still edits the articles you read each day. Along with that, he occasionally contributes to Money Morning with his own irreverent take on the most interesting news and opportunities for you.

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