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In today’s Money Morning…the ‘Ctrl+F’ count on Trump and Turnbull…how a decade simply disappears…find advice, find voices to trust, look for opportunities, and change your investing life…and more…

Jumping on to the Australian Financial Review website this morning, we find yet more headlines about President Trump.

Out of curiosity we decided to do a ‘Ctrl+F’ search for ‘Trump’. For those of you who aren’t keyboard wizards, that’s the shortcut to do a word search on a website.

And today our ‘Ctrl+F’ search found ‘Trump’ 15 times on the Australian Financial Review front page. We decided to do the same on The Age’s website. The grand total was 10 Trumps. The Sydney Morning Herald, 11. The Herald Sun, 10. And for good measure we had a crack at Bloomberg Asia Edition. That was 18.

Then we did a ‘Ctrl+F’ for ‘Turnbull’. And here are the results.

Australian Financial Review: 5

The Age: 2

The Sydney Morning Herald: 1

The Herald Sun: 2

Bloomberg Asia: 0

What does this mean? Does it mean the Aussie PM isn’t newsworthy? Does it mean that Trump is far more important than Turnbull? Does it mean that, when it comes to the future of Australia, the US president has more influence than our own prime minister? Is Turnbull even relevant on a global scale?

Well, the answer to all of those questions is, ‘Yes.’

How do I know this? Simple. Have a look at this headline from The Sun, one of the UK’s most widely circulated publications.

Who is Malcolm Turnbull and what did Donald Trump say to him about refugee deal? Australian PM who clashed with US President’

Admittedly the readership of The Sun isn’t the most sophisticated. But ask the average person (who doesn’t live in Australia) who our PM is. It’s unlikely they’ll know.

But what this also means is that there’s a lot of ‘noise’ being thrown at you from mainstream news sources. While the US has an influence on Australia, it’s not the be-all-and-end-all.

And if you can block the noise, you can find opportunity. More importantly, if you can find trusted voices to help you out, you could change your investment life.

Many hands make spoilt broth…or something like that

You might not like Trump. We certainly don’t. But you have to give the US credit. At least they have a leader that’s leading. The fact he dominates headlines means he’d doing something.

He may not be conventional, but at least he’s leading.

Meanwhile, in Australia? For a start, Trump gave our leader a dressing down by phone. That was world news.

But back home now that he’s trying to show a bit of backbone, the result is more infighting and bickering.

Not even a full year into his tenure and Turnbull is on shaky ground. The best political strategy the Labor Party can have right now is to do nothing. The Coalition will simply see themselves out of office.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see another federal election either this year or in 2018. It’s a crazy old country. And you thought the US was bad.

Is this what you thought Australia would look like 10 years ago? We were witnessing the biggest market rise in the history of the country. We were rich, and people were happy. There was solidarity, unity, and leadership.

And then it all came crashing down. A decade on and the overall Aussie market is almost exactly where it was. It’s the lost decade. The only thing that’s continued on its merry way are property prices — but that’s one giant debt-fuelled bubble.

Wider across the economy, things appear dire. Our government continues to be subservient to the US and China. There’s not much to look forward to…if you listen to the mainstream.

But if you look beneath the surface, you will find that the Aussie stock market is humming along. Sure the ASX ‘All Ords’ haven’t moved in 10 years. But what if I told you there were opportunities on the ASX to have seen your money double, triple, quadruple…multiply 10 times over and more, all in the same time?

It’s true. You look at companies like TPG Telecom [ASX:TPG], REA Group [ASX:REA], ARB Corporation [ASX:ARB], Domino’s Pizza Enterprises [ASX:DMP]. These are just some stocks that would have seen you turn a few thousand into a few hundred thousand over the last 10 years.

But that’s then. And this is now. So what comes next? 10 years of rubbish behind us, so what is there to look forward to?

Well if you know where to look and what to look at, there are opportunities everywhere. In fact there are companies today that will be the Dominos, TPGs and REAs of tomorrow.

Take for instance the research that your fellow Money Morning Editor, Greg Canavan, has recently put together. Greg’s identified an incredible, once in a decade opportunity in the Aussie gas market.

By simply looking beyond the noise he’s found that there’s a ‘Crunch Point’ coming that could see three Aussie gas stocks explode in price. These are opportunities that could make this year the most profitable of your life.

You wouldn’t have to worry about the ins and outs of Aussie government in-fighting then. You wouldn’t give two hoots about whom Trump is turning into an enemy this week. By looking beyond the noise, you can capitalise on the opportunity that most people can’t see.

Try this on the weekend and clear your mind

It’s astonishing to see how people get caught up in the news that’s rammed in their faces on a daily basis. With so many avenues to access ‘news’ and information, it’s sensory overload. It’s too much for most people to take in.

But most people don’t have a filter, either. How is the average punter supposed to make heads or tails of the US and Aussie governments, interest rates, trade deals, currency wars, and worry about making a living?

It’s hard enough for experienced, qualified professionals to absorb and decipher. How do you sort the really important information from the noise? How do you find the real opportunities, before the crowd piles in, when the best gains are already gone? That’s why it’s more important than ever that you find the right people to listen to and get advice from. People who can show you the world for what it really is, not what others want you to see it as.

That might mean getting on board with the incredible research from Greg. It might mean getting over to our colleagues at Markets and Money and following them. It might mean getting info from all of the team at Port Phillip Publishing.

It’s your life, your money, your decisions to make. We arm you with the tools to take control. To see through the noise and to make informed, smart decisions, to make your own life better.

On a final note, we want you to try something this weekend. It’s a practice run. Something you might end up doing more often. Simply don’t read a mainstream newspaper, don’t visit a mainstream news website, and don’t watch the news on the TV — all weekend.

See how you feel come Monday. See what difference it makes. See if it gives you a clearer mind, and a clearer picture of how the only person that really impacts your own life is you.


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