Finding Aussie ‘Hyper-Growth’ Stocks in 2017

Before I (Bernd) hand you over to Greg today, let me start with the most important news of the week…

Tomorrow Port Phillip Publishing is going to break a big story.

Its temporary codename is Project G. But that will be lifted tomorrow afternoon, when we release the full research dossier, free of charge.

Project G is something we’ve been working on in secret since mid-way through last year.

It concerns potential 100-bagger stocks. Stocks that can return you $100 for every $1 invested.

Peter Lynch is arguably the greatest mutual fund manager in history.

Over 13 years, he grew his fund’s assets from $18 million to more than $19 billion.

His secret? Finding ‘hyper-growth’ stocks. Lynch called them ‘baggers’. For a ten-bagger, for instance, you bag $10 for every $1 invested.

With a gain like that, most folks would be over the moon.

But what about 100-baggers? Stocks that explode 100 times (or 10,000%) in a matter of months?

Obviously, these are the rarest beasts on the stock market. So if you see an opportunity where hundred-baggers are actually materialising, you pounce on it. Because you may never see such a set-up again.

A small sub-team here at Port Phillip Publishing have been undertaking a ‘deep-dive’ investigation into just such a set-up.

And we discovered something. Something big.

Project G is not about general small-caps. Or even microcaps.

And this has nothing to do with options or CFDs.

It’s simply buying a small, regular stock…that has the potential to go up over 5,000%. (Some early ‘prototypes’ have gone up over 10,000%. One has gone up 14,200%.)

Those gains invite extreme scepticism.

And the team we’ve had investigating Project G started it doubtful that such hyper-growth gains were achievable. Let alone in such a short time. But you need to see what they’ve unearthed for yourself…

These shares are locked into a very specific trend. A trend very few in the mainstream have got their head around. And a trend, our analysts believe, the market is a million miles from fully pricing in.

I can’t give you the details right now.

Because we believe we are truly ‘breaking’ this story. No one else, to our knowledge, has a hold of it yet.

So Project G is on security lockdown at the moment.

The embargo (provided we are given the greenlight by our publisher and legal department) will be lifted tomorrow.

If you are interested in ‘extreme stock punts’, you won’t want to miss it.

Bernd Struben
Managing Editor, Money Morning

Money Morning Australia