Ask Yourself, ‘Do I Have the Hero Gene?’

In today’s Money Morning…from the fun and exhilarating to the sad and frustrating…in the same situation you have to ask, ‘do you have the hero gene’?…the opportunity is there with the coming future of medical-grade wearable tech…and more…

Yesterday we had to let you know about the medicinal marijuana opportunity in Australia today. It’s such a huge market opportunity that you simply can’t ignore it. And despite incredible gains already, in our view it’s not in bubble territory; in fact quite the opposite.

It’s a brand new industry that set to explode even further from here. And while there are some worthless stocks built up on hype and nothing more, that’s not the case for all of them. There are a select number of incredible marijuana stocks, ‘pot stocks’ that have the potential to make life-changing returns for investors.

It’s into these select few ‘pot stocks’ that the smart money is flowing. These are the ones set to cash in on this blazing market opportunity. And if you sit on the sidelines too long, you’ll simply miss out on what we think is the single biggest investment opportunity for 2017.

Of course, as positive and exciting as these ‘pot stocks’ are, not everything in the world is as fun and exhilarating.

In fact there’s a fair bit to be worried about. After all, you only need to look at the situation with BankWest, the 100% owned subsidiary of CBA [ASX:CBA]. BankWest is pulling out of corporate lending. They’re going to focus on their ‘core customers’. In normal person speak, ‘the bank is failing’.

The CBA is simply putting out some good PR spin. But make no mistake, BankWest is faltering. And it could be a sign of worse things to come.

If you think that things are about to get a whole lot worse not just for the Aussie banking industry, but for the whole Aussie economy, then you absolutely have to read Vern Gowdie’s book, The End of Australia.

While things over at BankWest, the CBA and maybe even the broader Aussie economy look dour, it actually gets worse…

How can it get worse? Well have a look at this message I got from a friend yesterday,

What a morning. Get off the train [at Flinders St station] and they are evacuating platform 13. Cops everywhere. They send us up the stairs. I walk out onto the Fed Square side and no sooner am I out of the station this guy walking towards us just goes limp and falls back like a felled tree and smashes his head on the deck.

He then starts having a hardcore seizure. There would be 20 people around just watching, half of ‘em with their camera phones out. I can’t believe what I am seeing and the fact I’m the only guy doing something.

I roll him on his side put my satchel under his head and he starts foaming and the mouth, eyes back of his head. Finally someone rings ambo and two women come help me. He then goes limp, eyes gone. Thought he was dead.

Checked his pulse and he was alive but just breathing. It took six minutes for the station medic to arrive and this was 20 metres from a manned cop booth and no one came out even after people went to the cop booth.’

Our sad, narcissistic world

We had three emotions after reading that. First we were very proud of our friend for going to the aid of someone in need. If it were us needing assistance, we would hope there would be someone like our friend there to come to our aid.

But second we were furious. Then immediately sad. Sad for the fact that most people were prepared to simply film the incident on their smartphone. Hiding behind the ‘black mirror’ like a quasi-life barrier, separating them from the real world with their own little imaginary one.

Now don’t get us wrong, we love the benefits that technology has given to society. But we also are aware of the way it’s changed the behaviour of many people. We have no doubt that the world we live in is more narcissistic than it’s ever been. Career goals for some teenagers today include ‘Instagram Star’, ‘Celebrity’ or ‘Being Famous’.

Those aren’t even real jobs. And the idea of what this so-called ‘fame and celebrity’ is has changed drastically from days gone by. That might make us sound like an old fuddy-duddy, but we’re only 33. We already feel the disconnect between our generation and the bulk of people that are even just five or 10 years younger than us.

Who knows how disconnected someone in their 60s must feel…

The point being is that technology has and will always reshape how society acts and behaves. And yes, not everyone has the ‘hero’ gene in them to go to the aid of someone in need.

But we’re in no doubt that with the advent of instant media, ‘viral fame’ has contributed to the narcissism that many people now suffer from.

Of course this leads to the question, how is this new world beneficial to investors? While it’s a sad indictment that 99% of people will film someone in need instead of helping them, how can you as an investor profit from this societal change?

It’s actually quite simple.

You won’t need the ‘hero gene’ with new wearable tech

While technology is the catalyst for this change, it’s also the answer to the problem. Take the example of what my friend did yesterday. The man he was helping clearly had some kind of seizure. Likely caused by an existing medical problem.

Medical technology that’s in development now is looking at ways to prevent these kinds of events well before they ever happen. Often the body will give off warning signs that something’s about to happen.

We don’t always notice these warning signs. Sometimes we might, and sometime we might pass them off or ignore them as insignificant. But with cutting edge wearable tech, we can get a far more accurate understanding of what’s really going on. Where your arm might flinch and you just brush it off as a random event, it might actually be a sign of an impending seizure.

If you take that data, and pool it together with a whole range of other data like your core temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, then you might know that single flinch is about to lead to something far worse. Then you immediately go get medical assistance while you’re still ‘compos mentis’.

The wearable tech I talk about isn’t a Fit Bit or an Apple Watch. It’s sensors and medical grade diagnostics you wear on your body, which give medical grade analysis of your vital signs.

Medical grade technology is the next step for this ‘wearables’ industry. It’s already happening, and presents an opportunity for investment. Companies like Philips have already released medical grade biosensors.

Biotricity is an ambitious (private) company developing a personal, medical grade heart monitor. They call it ‘Biolife’. And they say, ‘Biolife will provide you with clinical-grade information on your heart’s performance of the same standard your doctor uses.’

This is wearable tech that’s truly beneficial. It could mean the difference between life and death for some people. And it’s the direction this industry is going. In the future when this kind of tech is ubiquitous, then it won’t matter who has or hasn’t got the ‘hero’ gene.

The simple fact is people won’t ever end up needing help, because they will be able to prevent the crisis from ever occurring.

And whatever happens in the wider markets, investors who get in early on vital tech like that could see incredible gains.


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