How to Nail Your Next Job Interview

Job interviews are a bit like bad dates. You’re nervous, trying not to fidget with your clothes, and looking for any signs of interest from the other party.

I’ve yet to meet someone who truly enjoys the interview process. It doesn’t matter which field you work in or how much experience you have — interviews are still nerve-racking.

With that in mind, I’ll hand you over to Mark Ford, who explains how you can turn the tables on your next job interview — in four simple steps.

How to Turn the Tables on Your Next Job Interview, in Four Easy Steps

Mark Ford

The job interview — the very nature of it is off-balance. The interviewer has the power to hire. The interviewee wants to be hired.

So, you might feel intimidated or even a bit humiliated by the process. You might behave nervously or overly deferential towards the person interviewing you.

You shouldn’t.

You can and should be in charge of the interview. It can and should be an experience that allows you to feel powerful and relaxed.

Don’t think of it as the employer deciding whether you are worthy of being an employee of the company. Think of it as you deciding whether the company and the job being offered are worthy of you.

Be in charge by taking charge:

  • Prepare. Research the company and the job before you arrive. Understand how the company works and makes profits. Know what skills and experiences are required for the job. Being prepared will make you feel more confident, and it will also help you turn the table by letting you be in charge.
  • By understanding the job requirements beforehand, you can talk confidently about how your own skills, experiences and attitudes match up with those requirements.
  • Weave these matchups into your answers to as many of the interviewer’s questions as possible, even if this means giving information he or she didn’t explicitly ask for. As you share more of yourself, a bigger picture of your skills and personality will begin to emerge. You’ll find the interviewer tailoring the questions to fit you and your background, rather than the other way around.
  • Interrogate. Specifically, ask hard questions that make the interviewer reflect. For example, ‘What is the biggest challenge this company has faced, and how did you get through it?’
  • Self-value. Keep thinking: ‘This company could really use someone like me. They would be very lucky to have me.’ This kind of mindset will push the interviewer to try and impress you. It will also give you an opportunity to understand the company more thoroughly.

You don’t have to approach an interview passively… And you don’t have to hope you get a set of questions that allows you to give a complete picture of why you’re the best person for the job.

Come prepared, control how things go, and make the ideal interview happen for yourself!


The next time you go for a job interview, follow Mark’s advice. With a bit of forethought and clever questioning, you can steer the interview where you want it to go and, hopefully, land the job you’re after.


Michelle Hammond,
Director, Wealth Builders Club Australia

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Michelle is the Director of Wealth Builders Club Australia, a club for the ‘not yet wealthy’. Working alongside Wealth Builders Club founder and multimillionaire Mark Ford, Michelle is committed to enriching the lives of WBCA members by bringing them original, insightful ideas on wealth building, career advancement, and lifestyle.

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