Are You a Marijuana Be-lieber?

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We’re not Justin Bieber fans.

No surprises there.

We don’t exactly fit the Biebster’s ‘target demographic’.

We’re in our early 30s, married and…well…male.

We don’t get it…but for millions of female tweens dubbed ‘Beliebers’ (get it — ‘believe’ and ‘Bieber’ fused), he’s the biggest thing on the planet.

You should know, we’d much rather stick white-hot pins in our eyes than listen to five seconds of a Bieber tune. We can’t see ourselves sharing a beer down the pub with Canada’s biggest music export.

But we could see ourselves sharing a pint or two with the ‘other’ Canadian Justin. We mean, of course, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

Last month, Trudeau fulfilled a major election promise. By July 1, 2018, Canada will legalise recreational marijuana use. The Great White North legalised medicinal marijuana use in 2001.

Trudeau’s recreational pot stance is dead-simple.

First up, he wants to ‘de-clog’ Canada’s justice system of small resource-sucking, pot possession misdemeanours.

Neil Boyd, professor of criminology at Simon Fraser University says, ‘At this point, charging people for having some marijuana is a waste of police time, a waste of court time and a waste of tax dollars.’

‘We should not continue to spend money on something this trivial, especially now.’

Canada’s federal government spends $4 million a year pushing small marijuana possession cases through the courts.

Pardoning Canadians convicted of simple possession would free up substantial financial resources, money that could be reinvested toward legalisation.

Now, saving a few tax dollars is only one small part of Trudeau’s legalisation plans. He wants to cash-in on the legal pot windfall too.

Trudeau’s secret cash stash

Today, Canada’s illegal pot market tips the scales at $7 billion. Squeezing out illegal dope dealers could bring in a billion dollar cash-haul for the Trudeau government.

According to CIBC World Markets, legal recreational marijuana could boost Canadian tax revenues as much as $5 billion annually. That’s a lot of extra dough in the government coffers.

But it’s not only the government that’s set to profit.

Legalisation could eventually open up a $22.6 billion recreational marijuana market, according to Deloitte. A pot sales surge big enough to surpass annual Canadian alcohol sales.

Deloitte predicts the 600,000 kilograms needed annually to satisfy recreational marijuana demand can’t be met by Canada’s existing 36 licensed producers who grow for medicinal purposes.

Which is one reason why we’re keeping a close eye on this ASX marijuana play. The only Aussie pot firm awarded a license to grow commercial quantities of marijuana on Canadian soil.

Fast-moving marijuana investors could make a bundle here, too. Which is why we’re calling the end of marijuana’s prohibition the greatest investment cash cow you’ll see in your life time.

Canada (and the world’s) demand for high-quality marijuana will surge in the months and years ahead. Opening up a unique investment play that could reward you big time.


Sam Volkering

Sam Volkering is Editor for Money Morning and its small-cap, cryptocurrency and technology expert. Find out what he has to say here with all his latest articles.

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