Why Brambles Ltd Share Price Jumped 6% Today

Brambles Ltd [ASX:BXB] climbed 6.45%, to a high of $10.22, this morning.

The jump wasn’t enough to recover from the stock’s 24% tumble in the first two months of this year. But sentiment surrounding the stock has certainly lifted.

What happened to the Brambles share price?

Today, Brambles reported sales for the first nine months of FY17. The company generated US$4.09 billion (AU$5.42 billion), up 4% on the prior corresponding period.

Overall, our business delivered a solid performance in the third quarter despite ongoing macroeconomic uncertainty, softer FMCG demand in Southern Europe and the US, and robust competition in most markets,’ Brambles CEO Graham Chipchase said.

What now for BXB shares?

The trouble with companies like Brambles is that it’s hard to find growth. Pallet revenues, comprising more than 75% of its business, rose by only 2%.

You might be better off looking at companies with huge potential for future growth, such as those in the small-cap space.

Sure, they are riskier than your average blue-chip stock. But if you invest only when the potential upside is greater than your downside risk, you could potentially make serious returns.

Small-cap specialist Sam Volkering would know. Last year, Sam led readers of his advisory, Australian Small-Cap Investigator, to small-cap gains like 368%, 463%, 103%, 185%, 296% and 208%.

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Härje Ronngard,

Junior Analyst, Money Morning


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