Why Australian Pollies REALLY Want you on the Property Ladder

At 7:30pm tonight — maybe around the time you’re having dinner — the Australian government will help you fulfil your dreams.

Unless you want to buy a house, have manipulation free currency, or the freedom to go about your business. Then nope. Chances are you’ll still be wishing for those.

I’ll miss the horror show that is the Australian budget reveal tonight. Instead, you’ll find me presenting at Port Phillip Publishing’s Doomers’ Ball in Melbourne, tonight. If you’re attending, please come and say hello. It’s always nice to meet our readers.

But let’s get back to how the Australian government will help you fulfil your dreams.

This time around, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull reckons he can make dreams come true for the average Aussie. He told the press tonight’s budget will help people ‘to realise their dreams’. Has anyone pointed out to Turnbull that it’s a budget unveiling, not the latest children’s animated Disney movie?

He then adds the budget is all about ‘fairness, opportunity and security’.

The budget isn’t about you. It never is.

Sure, it looks like politicians are pandering to a particular section of voters — but more often than not, it has nothing to do with you. Your life will continue as normal. Just with higher taxes looming you, and beefed up security to protect you from yourself.

It happens every year. The media do the government’s dirty work for them, using the daily news sections to sound out ideas amongst the general population. Creating unfiltered feedback for Canberra. Then the pollies have the chance to work out what will piss off the fewest people.

It’s all about rewarding people who may vote for them, while trying not to draw too much attention from those who won’t.

One relentless topic played in the media in the lead up to the budget was how help people buy a house.

Given all the press surrounding house prices, and the fact that most millennials will never own a home, I’m confident some sort of token housing gesture will be in the budget tonight.

Whatever is in the budget needs to strike that fine balance between encouraging more people to pay inflated house prices, whilst ensuring they don’t go crashing the >Aussie property market.

Why’s that? Glad you asked…

In total, 226 federal pollies own an impressive 524 properties between them. 264 of the properties owned by federal politicians are classed as residential.

The ABC did the hard work for me. Their data crunching showed that, of all our federal politicians, only 10 don’t own a property. Leaving 96% of the federal desk jockeys as property holders.

However, the ABC suggest that this number could be much higher, saying ‘quite a few politicians have declared property investment companies or trusts but not the properties owned, so the real number of properties could be higher.’

Given their deep real estate investments, I’ll bet they’re very interested in working out how to get you on the property ladder. After all, pollies will need to sell these investment properties to someone eventually.


Shae Russell,
Editor, Strategic Intelligence

Since starting out in the financial markets over a decade ago, Shae has extensive experience across various aspects of the industry. Shae cut her teeth in the derivatives industry, teaching clients basic trading techniques with technical analysis.

Joining Port Phillip Publishing eight years ago, Shae has worked across a number of publications, such as Australian Small-Cap Investigator, Gold Stock Trader and Microcap Trader. She’s spent the past two years however, honing her macro analysis skills alongside Jim Rickards, showing Australians how to invest and profit form global macro trends.

Drawing on her extensive experience, Shae is a contributor to Money Morning, and lead editor of sister-publication Markets & Money, where she looks at broad macro trends developing around the world, combining them with her distaste for central banks and irrational love of all things bullion.

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