Is this the end of Bitcoin?

In 2014 we went live on US TV to talk about bitcoin. We started looking at it in 2009 and heavily researching and testing it out in 2011. From there on we’ve always known of it’s immense potential. And when we went live on US TV to talk about it, we were ready to let the world know. What we didn’t realise (and weren’t told) at the time is we would be debating its validity and future on live TV with an anti-bitcoin guest. No bother to us! We went head to head explaining our view on why bitcoin was just beginning and was becoming a completely parallel monetary system to the ‘traditional’ system we use today. We also went on to say how bitcoin would be around a lot longer than any of us would be alive. The host and guest weren’t as positive about bitcoin then or its future. In fact the guest referred to bitcoin as a scam, and that it was no different to ‘bubble-gum wrappers’. Well we all know who was right and how it all played out.

So what does the future hold for bitcoin?

But watch the video below to see that even in 2014 we were bullish on the future of bitcoin and that it was, and still is far bigger than most people recognise. In fact in our view it’s the single most disruptive new technology since the internet. And perhaps it could even become bigger and more important than the internet. Not only that but its an all new asset class and one which has the potential to mint more millionaires than any investment boom that’s existed in the course of human history.

Bitcoin, is this the end? Well in 2014 it wasn’t. It’s certainly not today. And tomorrow and into the future, well we don’t have a crystal ball but in our view bitcoin will outlive you, me and go on into the course of the future.

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