Bitcoin Fork Is Official – Bitcoin Cash Price up 32%

At 6.14pm UTC, a bitcoin miner mined the first Bitcoin Cash block, making the highly-publicised split official. Since then, four more blocks have been mined.

But only the first block was bigger than the 1MB limit that is part of the rationale behind the split. Bigger block and faster confirmation times.

So, what now?

Well, nothing really changes to be honest.

For all the hype, forks and offshoots are not really anything new in the blockchain space. Litecoin was forked from bitcoin, Dash was originally forked from Litecoin, and on and on it goes.

The good news is that if you hold your own private keys as we have been urging Secret Crypto Network subscribers to do, you now have the same amount of bitcoin cash (BCH) as you do bitcoin (BTC).

As time of writing, BTC is trading at US$2,713 and BCH is trading at US$389.

Crypto exchanges Kraken and OKCoin are offering live trading of the new bitcoin cash crypto.

What’s next for Bitcoin & Bitcoin cash?

As is the case in the cryptocurrency world, it’s a case of ‘may the best coin win.’

It’s not inconceivable that most tokens will thrive, fulfilling different needs and uses as they evolve.

Bitcoin cash does have its work cut out, though, as most of the core developers have stayed attached to the original bitcoin.

Miners, the participants that keep the blockchain secure and accurate, are mostly driven by economics. So, how the price of BCH goes in the coming weeks and months will determine whether more, or fewer, miners get behind it.

In turn, the more miners you have on a Proof-of-Work chain, the more secure it is, as it takes more mining power to solve the problem and win the block.

If the price of BCH falls far enough, miners will stop mining it, and it could fade into crypto obscurity.

It seems that, for now, it is up to the market to decide.

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