Did You Make a 16,093% Return Last Night?

People sometimes believe that we push the boundaries of creative license. Some people find our marketing and writing a little aggressive. Some people prefer the mundane, boring world of the mainstream media.

That’s fine. Each to their own. But you’re reading this because you think ‘out of the box’. You think like we do. And we appreciate that.

That’s why it’s important for us to be honest with you. And in today’s Money Morning, we’re going to tell you about a true story. A story that happened last night.

The purpose of this story is to get your attention. And if you read it all and aren’t even just a little bit interested in what is happening right in front of you, we’ll be genuinely surprised.

We’ve already told this story to several people, and every single one of them wants to know more. Read on below for more…

Imagine having $8.25. And then, within a day, that $10.35 magically turns into $1,676.

You go to sleep with $10.35. You wake up with $1,676. A 16,093% in the space of 18 hours. That’s right. Just 18 hours.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well, maybe it’s a little too much for you. But that’s OK. What we’re about to share with you isn’t for everyone. It’s too wild. That doesn’t mean you can’t find incredible gains with more ‘traditional’ investments.

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Now, if you’re a little bit more ‘out there’ with your risk tolerance, and want to see not just 1,000%-plus returns, but 10,000%-plus returns, then read on.

Extra money while you sleep

Yesterday, people that held bitcoin went to sleep with the knowledge that in the morning they would wake up with the same number of bitcoin they went to sleep with.

If they went to sleep with one bitcoin, they would wake up with one bitcoin. If they went to sleep with 10 bitcoin, they would wake up with 10 bitcoin.

But what wasn’t so certain was whether or not they’d wake up with ‘Bitcoin Cash’. Most bitcoin holders would have known that bitcoin cash was coming. But no one was certain. At least not until the bitcoin cash blockchain officially started.

By the way, if you have no idea what bitcoin is or what a ‘blockchain’ is, I detail everything in my new book, Crypto Revolution: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and the Future of Money.

When you’ve read the book, you’ll start to get what all this really means for your future.

And then you’ll have a chance to benefit like so many did last night.

You see, last night at around 10:20pm Aussie time, it happened. Bitcoin split into two.

Bitcoin continued to go about its business. And then there was bitcoin cash, which split from the bitcoin blockchain. This process is known as a ‘hard fork’.

To get going, ‘miners’ had to start mining the bitcoin cash blocks. But it’s hard, really hard. And the difficulty of it meant that it took a several hours for things to get going.

But, eventually, the blocks began to flow. And bitcoin cash could be traded on exchanges — and correlated to an equivalent fiat money value.

Bitcoin cash surprised a lot of people.

At the start of trading on one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, bitcoin cash was trading for bitcoin at a price of 0.003BTC.

That means, if you held just one bitcoin cash ‘token’, you could exchange it for 0.003 bitcoin. Or vice versa. You could exchange one bitcoin cash token for just 0.003 bitcoin. Or if you had one bitcoin, you could have bought 333.33 bitcoin cash.

At the time, the price of bitcoin in US dollars was around $2,750. That meant that one single bitcoin cash ‘token’ was worth the equivalent of US$8.25 — in Aussie dollars, that’s about $10.35.

Now, I will add that, in order to get bitcoin cash, you needed to hold some bitcoin. It didn’t have to be much. It could have been 0.01 bitcoin or one bitcoin or 100 bitcoin.

Whatever the number you held before the split was the equivalent number of bitcoin cash you would end up with.

But let’s say you had one bitcoin.

At the time of the ‘fork’, you magically ended up with your sole bitcoin plus one brand new bitcoin cash. One minute you had zero bitcoin cash, the next you would have one.

At the first instance of trading (a bit like when a new stock trades on a market for the first ever time), one bitcoin cash, as we said, was worth about $10.35.

But then, the most amazing thing began to unfold. The price began to rise. And rise. And rise…and rise.

About 18 hours later, you could exchange bitcoin cash for 0.48578900BTC.

The price of bitcoin itself hadn’t changed all that much, and was still around US$2,750. That gave bitcoin cash a US dollar price of $1,335.91. That’s about $1,676 in Aussie dollars.

$10.35 to $1,676 in 18 hours. That’s a 16,093% return in 18 hours. Now, we will add that there was barely any volume at this stage. And the price quickly jumped to 0.01 bitcoin, and then 0.06 bitcoin, and, within the first hour, 0.1 bitcoin.

But even if you were able to exchange and get some extra bitcoin cash at 0.1 bitcoin, you would have still been sitting on a 385% gain — in a matter of hours.

Don’t be sceptical, understand what’s really going on

Of course, if you already had bitcoin, you wouldn’t have to trade for it. You simply would have got the bitcoin cash for free.

Now, we can’t technically calculate a percentage gain from a zero number. But you get the idea — one minute you have no bitcoin cash, the next…even one bitcoin cash alone gives you $1,676.

Overnight, people who were smart enough to already own bitcoin got themselves free money in the way of bitcoin cash.

This is the incredible world of cryptocurrencies at play.

Now, we know there will be hordes of people screaming out about ‘bubbles’ and ‘tulip manias’ and ‘Ponzi schemes’. But we’re sure those people don’t own a bitcoin and didn’t just get money out of nowhere last night.

You don’t have to believe us. You don’t have to necessarily understand it with the depth that we do. But where else in the world can you find any other kind of financial investment that has done this?

‘Oh, but Sam, companies pay dividends all the time, that’s basically free money.’

Well, there’s a good argument for that we guess. But tell us: Is there a company in the world that pays an instant 48.5789% dividend?

That’s effectively what bitcoin just did. If you held 10 bitcoin (around AU$34,518 worth), overnight, thanks to the bitcoin cash fork, you would have instantly had an extra AU$16,760.

Hate it or love it. Last night people all over the world just cashed in. The question is: Are you one of them?

If not, then the next question is: Are you interested in potentially being one them? Do you want to know more about this crazy, once-in-a-lifetime revolution in global finance?

Well, we want you to get involved. We want you to benefit from all this in the same way that thousands of everyday Aussie investors already are. Now is the time to understand, start and join the cryptocurrency world.


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