Litecoin Prices Surge 24% as Other Digital Currency Prices Hold Steady

Litecoin (LTC) is up 24% over the last 24 hours as other major cryptocurrency prices have remained steady.

Today’s surge puts Litecoin at AU$81.26, up $76.27 (1,628% gain) over the past year.

Litecoin has been the primary beneficiary of continual infighting that still seems to be going on in the Bitcoin (BTC) community. With impressive technical developments in the pipeline, crypto investors are diversifying into LTC should BTC development start to stall once more.

The total market capitalisation of the global cryptocurrency market hit US$157 billion today and remains at an all-time high. Below is a recap of the top cryptocurrency prices at 8:00am AEST…

Litecoin Price : $81.26, +24.1%

Bitcoin Price: AU$5,203, +0.53%

Ethereum Price: $424.36, +2.93%

Ripple Price: $0.255, -3.76%

Bitcoin Cash Price: $761.62, -2.61%

Dash Price: $447.55, -4.59%  

Bitcoin Hold Steady at All Time Highs

The price of bitcoin has remained close to the AU$5,500 mark, though there has been an increase in volatility with some swings below $5,000 in the past week.

Uncertainty in bitcoin’s future direction has resurfaced, with some very public Twitter battles between various developer factions vying for control of the project’s future direction.

Bitcoin Cash Finds Its Level

Over the weekend, the price of BCH has remained steady, at around $750.

Investors are increasingly optimistic after BCH developers mined an 8MB Bitcoin Cash block last week. But it’s still too early to know if this bitcoin fork has legs to run.

Ethereum Price Climbs Steadily

The Ethereum price increased over the weekend.

Recent news suggests that a new upgrade to the protocol (Metropolis) is coming soon, which is seen as a major stepping stone towards improving its usability.

Ripple Bounces Back to Fourth-Largest Market Cap

Ripple has fallen over the past week after an initial rally on speculation surrounding the cryptocurrency’s desire to enter the Chinese market.

Despite the falls, Ripple remains the fourth largest cryptocurrency and is working with some of the worlds’ biggest-name banking partners.

Dash Pares Back Some Gains

The cryptocurrency, which has recently doubled in value in the last two weeks, fell slightly over the weekend as investors took profits.

Like Litecoin, this is another crypto that stands to benefit from bitcoin’s developmental problems.

Dash is taking a good stab at mass market adoption with the upcoming Evolution update. When that happens, we may see a crypto rally that dwarfs all prior ones.

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