GetSwift Celebrates $138 Million Deal

The share price of GetSwift Ltd [ASX:GSW], has continued its September bull-run, climbing a whopping 22.8% today alone.

What’s the deal with GetSwift’s share price?

GetSwift, a logistics software solutions company, has landed one hell of a big fish. They’ve signed up N.A. Williams to their books in a huge five year deal. GetSwift are anticipating it could turn over $138 million in revenue annually. A sweet deal indeed.

Bane Hunter, GetSwift’s Executive Chairman, said:

We are delighted to partner with N.A. Williams, a leader in the North American Automotive Sector. This partnership is expected to enable the Company to quickly expand into untapped verticals, and provides access to a vast distribution network,

They’re calling it a ‘transformative agreement,’ one that will redefine their overall direction.

What next for GetSwift?

Today’s deal has set the objectives. Now it’s about achieving them.

They’ve set an ambitious goal that is going to take time to establish. GetSwift anticipate that they’re looking at least 15–19 months before hitting their stride.

Once everything is in place though, they’re golden. In fact, they estimate it could yield more than 1.15 billion transactions a year. Which doesn’t even include potential for more deals in the future. It’s the kind of breakthrough every small-cap company dreams of.

It’s just another success story that goes to show the strength of the small-cap sector. It’s why we believe it’s one of the best markets for wealth generation right now.

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Ryan Clarkson-Ledward,
Junior Analyst, Money Morning

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