Zcash Price Rockets Up 23%

Privacy focused cryptocurrency has shot up today. It comes on the back of a crucial breakthrough in protecting user’s privacy.

A break through that could significantly increase the usability of all cryptocurrencies.

Elsewhere, after a two week lull in activity, ethereum (ETH) prices have also roared back to life.

At time of writing the popular crypto is sitting at US$384, a gain of 6.4% in just 24 hours.

The rises come at a crucial time for ethereum, as it embarks on an upgrade to its underlying protocol.

The first part of the two part upgrade has been completed and the next stage — “Byzantium” — is due on 17 October, barring any delays.

Elsewhere, bitcoin (BTC) is also making moves higher.

Here’s the price round up, all in Australian Dollars:

Bitcoin Price: $5,269, +7.63%

Ethereum Price: $384, +6.41%

Zcash Price: $364, +23.23%

MaidSafeCoin Price: $0.65, +4.51%

Dash Price: $436, +1.915

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Ryan Dinse,
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