Ripple Price Up 10.43% in Quiet Crypto Markets

Ripple (XRP) is the big mover today, as the general crypto market remains steady in a holding pattern.

Only ripple is standing out amongst the top crypto’s.

From a trading perspective, it looks like it could break out of a month long-price range.

Ripple Price - 5-10-17

Source: Poloniex

This chart shows the price of ripple against bitcoin (BTC).

Ripple is currently the third largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalisation, but is still a long way behind market heavy weights bitcoin and ethereum (ETH).

As far as I can tell, there’s nothing of note to explain the ripple price movement. Though this month, ripple is to host ‘Swell’ — an event aimed at bringing the world’s financial leaders together to network and discuss trends and strategies.

Swell will go head-to-head with ‘Sibos’, Swift’s annual banking and financial conference scheduled for October 16–19 in Toronto, Canada.

This is probably very intentional, as ripple is trying to replace the Swift system of international money transfer.

Latest cryptocurrency prices

Here’s a snapshot of the leading crypto’s (priced in AUD) as at 1pm AEST.

Bitcoin Price: $5,428, -1.512%

Ripple Price: $0.2875, +10.43%

Ethereum Price: $375, +0.19%

Zcash Price: $301, -5.04%

MaidSafeCoin Price: $0.57, -4.93%

Dash Price: $385.82, +0.75%

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