When Did You Have Your Cryptocurrency ‘a-ha!’ Moment?

So you mean to say that Ethereum is like a conduit, an infrastructure, the ‘pipes’ of the a new internet?


A-ha, I think I get it now.’

This is typical of how a lot of my conversations go these days. I travel a lot, within the UK, across to Europe, the US, Asia and back home to Australia.

Inevitably, wherever I go these days I’ll come across a friendly person who just wants to have a chat. Sometimes that’s in a pub. Sometimes it’s in an airport lounge. Sometimes it’s just friends and family, or friends of friends and family.

The usual pleasantries are exchanged.

Hello, I’m [so and so].’

Hi I’m Sam, nice to meet you.’

Hi Sam, so what do you do?’

I’m an Editor.’

Okay so for a newspaper, or magazine?’

No we publish financial newsletters. Provide advice to subscribers. Stocks, investments. Cryptocurrency.’

Oh cryptocurrency, yes I’ve heard of that. Bitcoin, oooh that’s gone up a lot hasn’t it?

You get the gist of it.

The ‘price’ people, and the smart ones

Pretty soon the conversation gets a little more detailed as people can’t help but want to know about bitcoin and why it’s so ‘expensive’.

I help to educate them about its origins, why it exists and the problems of relating its ‘price’ into fiat currency all the time. At first most people don’t get it. They just want to know how to buy it and where they can sell it back into dollars (or pounds).

There’s not too much point going into great detail with these people. There’s plenty of info available out there from the mainstream about buying bitcoin and selling it back into fiat money for fiat profits.

But some people, the smart ones, want to know more. They want to know more than its ‘price’. They will ask questions like, ‘I don’t understand the value behind it?’ or, ‘Can you explain how you can actually use it?’

They’re deeper questions about not just bitcoin but the entire crypto world. I enjoy speaking with these people because they have a thirst for knowledge. They want to understand the mechanics of it, and the bigger picture ideas.

I help them on that journey…if I’ve got time. But typically I’ll help them to understand that there’s something far bigger than just bitcoin and etherum in play here.

Sure bitcoin and ethereum are the two ‘big boys’ of crypto. And a lot of people have seen or heard about these before. But I explain that these are just two of an entire new world being built, effectively, from scratch.

How cryptocurrencies are creating an alternative financial system, digital infrastructure, networks to secure identities, data marketplaces, privacy-centric payment systems, messaging and communications platforms, blockchain based digital apps.

I open their eyes to a whole world that’s being created, developed and built right under their noses. And none of them really know it’s happening — yet.

They see the mainstream cover the price of bitcoin. They hear Wall Street big-wigs calling bitcoin a fraud. They hear about China banning it all. They are fearful and scared of getting involved because it’s all too dangerous for them.

But when they understand this is an exciting, innovative, fast-paced world it is, they do start to see the significance of this creation event. 

And it’s only when you start to explain how a crypto like ethereum works, or why litecoin is like a test-bed for bitcoin that they start to understand. When you explain there are development projects in play to decentralise computer storage and processing power, their eyes light up. When you tell them about payment technology on the blockchain with mobile wallets and payments cards, they go positively bonkers.

Sometimes they get there quickly. Sometimes they take a little longer. But everyone that’s genuinely interested in what’s really going on always end up with an ‘a-ha!’ moment.

It’s a wonderful thing to see. Their eyes open. They smile. They glance off into the distance. You can see their mind whirring away at a million miles an hour. You can see them trying to piece it all together.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than being in the presence of someone having an ‘a-ha!’ moment about cryptocurrency.

Very quickly after that moment they’re desperate to know more. They want to understand the different types of projects in the works. They want to know how to get bitcoin, ethereuem, and a whole range of different cryptos.

They want to know what apps they can get their hands on to escape the fiat system. They want to know what are some of the upcoming opportunities to get involved in new cryptos.

The excitement that people get when they truly understand what’s happening is palpable.

Time to go

Of course by this stage I’ve usually finished my beer (or two). Or it’s time to catch that flight. Or it’s just time to leave. And I don’t give personal advice or give away my recommendations for free.

It’s why we have services like Sam Volkering’s Secret Crypto Network. It’s for people who are just starting out with cryptocurrency, maybe haven’t had that ‘a-ha!’ moment yet, but want to know more. They want to know more than just its ‘price’ in fiat money. They want to understand.

Secret Crypto Network is a perfect way to get started.

But there’s also that crypto user who wants to take things to the next level. They want bigger opportunities in cryptos. They want the highest-risk, potentially highest reward opportunities that come my way. They want to know about ICOs.

They’ve bought bitcoin or ethereum already, or both, and they know how to move it around. They know the risks, and are ready to accept them. They want to supercharge their crypto holdings, and they need help to avoid the scams, the fraud and the worthless coins.

And that’s why we’ve been working on a special project specifically tailored just for this niche area within the crypto world. It’s certainly not for everyone. In fact it’s definitely not for beginners. But it’s a solely dedicated crypto project, the likes of which we’ve never done before.

In fact, it may very well be the only service of its kind within the country. And it’s coming soon. Very soon.


Sam Volkering,
Editor, Australian Small-Cap Investigator

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