Nav Coin Price Up 64% in 24 Hours

As crypto market stabilised following bitcoin’s recent surge, one coin buckled the trend today and is up 64% at time of writing.

Nav Coin Price is Up 64%

Nav Coin (NAV) is based on Bitcoin (BTC) technology, but is packed full of advanced privacy features.

In that way it’s similar to other privacy enabled cryptos like Zcash (ZEC) and Monero (XMR).

The main difference seems to be use of a sub-chain — a second blockchain — that adds an additional layer in the encryption process.

It’s a complex process, purposely designed that way to ensure full privacy.

Privacy Pivotal in the Future of Blockchain

With other developments like zk-SNARKS also underway, privacy seems to be the pivotal battle ground in the future of blockchain technology.

It multiplies the usability of blockchain technology in numerous useful ways. And could be the key to mainstream uptake of the crypto world.

Let’s take a look at prices on the key crypto’s over the last 24 hours (priced in Australian dollars, 10am. Source:

Bitcoin Price: $7,160, -1.1%

Ripple Price: $0.27, -5.75%

Ethereum Price: $397, +0.61%

Zcash Price: $291, -1.28%

TenX Price: $2.51 +7.9%


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