Bigger than Bitcoin

What story could possibly be bigger than cryptocurrency? With the incredible gains made in the likes of bitcoin and ethereuem, you could be forgiven for wondering if anything could eclipse it.

The answer could be the very technology cryptos are based on. Blockchain.

This week in Money Morning Ryan wrote about how this tech has begun to take hold worldwide. It’s already shaking the foundations of banking and finance. But it has the potential to go far beyond that.

The same blockchain tech that can cut the middlemen out of financial transactions, could also have game-changing effects on a vast number of industries. Healthcare, cyber security, insurance, retail — even voting and the business of government.

In fact, any industry that requires two parties to share secure or private information could be completely remade by blockchain tech. With middlemen cut out, and information more secure than ever before. Ryan argues that this new tech could spread to as many industries — and change them as radically — as the internet itself. Or computers, telephones, cars, and other world-changing technologies. He thinks it has the potential to transform our entire lives.

This tech has been on the go for almost a decade now. But in just a couple of weeks an upgrade is occurring. On the surface it seems like business as usual. But it’s actually a once in a decade — maybe even a lifetime — moment.

That kind of world-changing, widespread event can throw up incredible opportunities for early investors.

The tiny upstart companies leading the charge on these sorts of changes can vastly outperform the wider market. Or they can stumble and disappear. Taking your money with them. It’s not a risk-free way to invest.

The trick is finding the revolutions with real potential, and ignoring the ones that will fizzle out. How can you predict the events that will cause sweeping changes to history, when you’re living in it?

It’s not an idle question. The kinds of gains available could be truly life-changing, if you get it right. Ryan believes that it’s possible. And if he’s right, a small punt — with the kind of money you could afford to lose — could net you exponential results.

He’s so convinced of the potential that he’s written a special report on five stocks that could see incredible gains from this revolution. Our editorial team is just putting the finishing touches on that report now. Keep one eye on your inbox this Tuesday for more. 

This week in Money Morning

Ryan opened the week on Monday with an explanation of why the new opportunity he’s been researching could be bigger than the decade-long run up in share markets, bigger than cryptocurrencies, bigger than the real estate boom. And it’s not big blue chip stocks that will profit the most. To read his argument for why the biggest gains could be found in the smallest places, click here.

On Tuesday, Ryan looked at how markets have reacted in the past to major ‘step changes’ in tech and investment history. It can be amusing to see just how wrong some of the guesses about the internet and other new techs were. But despite those missteps, there were still fortunes made. And Ryan argues that both the mistakes and the fortunes will be the same with the next technological revolution. Read why here.

Blockchain is going to eat the world. That was Ryan’s opener on Wednesday. What did he mean? He explains that, not too long from now, blockchain technology will be an integral part of almost every industry on earth, if not every one. For his argument on why, check out Wednesday’s Money Morning.

Thursday Ryan told a hypothetical story demonstrating how blockchain could revolutionise medicine. Bringing more accuracy and detail to diagnoses. And allowing more information to be shared, while increasing privacy. Sound contradictory? Thanks to ‘zero knowledge proofs’ it can happen. Read how here.

And then yesterday, Ryan showed that the ‘smart money’ is already moving on the blockchain revolution. The kind of numbers being thrown around about can seem ridiculous. Talk of gains this large naturally send up red flags for a cautious investor. But Ryan explained that, in the right circumstances, exponential gains are possible. Read how in Friday’s Money Morning, here.

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Editor, Money Weekend

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