Has This Crypto Minnow Solved Cryptos Biggest Problem?

A crypto with a network value of only US$10 million may have solved the biggest problem right now in crypto development.

It’s up 25.59% today and the increase in volume suggests people are starting to notice this crypto minnow.

What crypto is it?

I’ll answer this shortly…

What’s the Problem with Cryptos?

First though, what’s the big problem they’ve solved?

And why does it matter?

It’s a problem that bitcoin (BTC), with a network value of US$137 billion, is struggling with.

As is fellow heavy weight, ethereum (ETH), with a total network valuation of $35 billion.

That problem is scaling.

In other words, processing huge volumes of transactions at speed.

Bitcoin can do three to four transactions per second. Ethereum can do around 20.

Compare that to Paypal, which can do 193. Or Visa which can do 1,667 transactions per second.

If cryptos are going to change the financial world, they’re going to have to get a lot faster.

Pascal Coin May Have the Answers

Pascal Coin (PASC) is a cryptocurrency which may have the answers. And hardly anyone has even heard of it.

At time of writing it is trading at 67 cents per PASC and has a market cap of just over US$10 million.

That’s puny for the crypto world.

The coin was invented in 2016 by Albert Molina and has a tight community of developers working on the project. It includes five full-time developers and a range of active contributors.

This developer-led project has led to an absence of hype, something which is to its credit in my opinion.

The key innovation is its ability to scale.

They call it ‘Infinite Scaling’.

Without going into the technicalities, Pascal achieves an unbelievable ability to process huge amounts of transactions at low cost and speed.

They are the first cryptocurrency to achieve rates of over 100 transactions per second.

It uses a ‘checkpoint’ system to do this, which means that the amount of data that needs to be verified to confirm the transaction is valid is a lot less than in other blockchain solutions.

They call this Safe Box technology.

You can send PASC tokens simply using your email address. Another great innovation.

It truly is an innovative blockchain solution in a sea of copycat technologies.

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