Ethereum Price Up 13.5% Overnight

Ethereum price is at an all-time high.

It burst through the US$400 mark earlier this morning.

It’s currently sitting at AU$557. Which is a new apex.

No one single event has caused this, but a myriad of advancements over the last couple of months.

This includes the Byzantium hardfork, the plasma upgrade, and the just this week the release of Casper.

All of these events require their own article.

However, the takeaway is that all of these decisions have been made to streamline the network, and most importantly solve scalability.

Ethereum is Winning the Scalability Battle

Scalability is the biggest issue in the crypto world.

Some would call it the final hurdle to mass adoption of digital currency.

Ethereum is winning the scaling battle against bitcoin. This is significant in the long-term battle between the two biggest cryptos.

Bitcoin can do three to four transactions per second. Ethereum can do around 20. 

World Class Developers

The team behind Ethereum is also one of the very best.

Vitalik Buterin & Vlad Zamfir are two of the very brightest minds in this space.

They are two of the most visible, however the ethereum team bats very deep.

What we must all remember in this space, is that the ‘code’ is only as good as the people writing it.

Or that the technology is only as good as the people behind it.

The ethereum team is arguably the best in the world.


Dion Dalton-Bridges
Junior Analyst, Money Morning

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Dion Dalton-Bridges is a junior analyst at Money Morning.

He has an academic grounding in business, having completed his bachelor at the Copenhagen Business School and Queensland University of Technology.

His primary focus is in digital assets including cryptocurrencies, as well as small market cap opportunities within the ASX.

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