Are We Witnessing an Aussie Crypto Boom?

It’s no surprise the biggest investment story of 2017 is cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, dash, litecoin…the list goes on.

We write a lot about it here at Money Morning. And we cop a bit of flack about it, too.

Some people don’t like that we’re covering it so much. Some accuse us of jumping on the bandwagon. We even have people accuse us of being ‘hype machines’. They think we’re charlatans. Snake oil salesmen.

More fool them.

As you may note (if you’re a Money Morning ‘lifer’) we aren’t latecomers jumping on the bandwagon. I’ve been writing about crypto for years. You need only look at to find evidence of our work in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

‘Like nothing else we’ve seen’

We identified this megatrend years ago. We’re not new to this party, folks. We’ve been in it from the get-go. And we cover it so much for a few darn good reasons.

The most important reason is because we believe that it’s the single biggest wealth creation opportunity ever.

Big claim that. But so far we’re right.

We believe that in the years to come people will talk about cryptocurrencies like stocks. In fact, they may become more exciting and create bigger gains than stocks ever could.

You might think that’s crazy.

But people thought we were crazy in 2013 to even be writing about bitcoin. Crazy can be legitimately crazy. Or it can be prophetic, a glimpse into the future.

Our view has always been this is the creation of a new, alternative financial system.

It’s rebuilding the world’s connected and digital networks. New services and new applications. Innovation and development bigger than early days of electricity, the automobile, microprocessors and the PC revolution, the internet and the app economy — all rolled into one!

It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen.

That comes with immense opportunity for investors. And also great risk. All major booms like this have dangers. This one has a wave of people looking to make a quick buck. They’re out to scam you. They want to defraud you.

They want to steal your crypto.

You must tread carefully. If you’re new to all this you should get the guidance of experienced advisors. Which is the reason we launched our Secret Crypto Network service five months ago.

We now help around 20,000 Australians navigate the world of crypto. And along the way we’ve already managed to deliver average returns across nine crypto recommendations of over 100%.

This is the most exciting revolution we’ve ever seen. On second thought, maybe the only real revolution we’ve seen.

It’s a historical moment. Something you will look back on in a decade or two and say, ‘I was there at the start of the crypto revolution.’

What’s also incredible about this is the homegrown Aussie crypto projects now leading the world. These Aussie crypto stars are showing the world how to launch successful crypto projects with integrity, transparency and openness. 

The Aussies leading the revolution

Australia was a bit of a slow starter with crypto. Not through lack of effort, talent or skills. It’s just that the government didn’t make things easy.

But that’s all changed.

Now the Aussie government is trying to find ways to encourage ICOs. Take a look at the latest guidance from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

ASIC recognises that ICOs have the potential to make an important contribution to the options available to businesses to raise funds and to investment options available to investors.’

They continue to outline,

ASIC aims to assist businesses to understand their potential obligations under the Corporations Act by issuing the guidance contained in this information sheet. ASIC also encourages businesses to approach the Innovation Hub for informal assistance.’

And then they provide a whole range of info for ICOs. They want them to succeed.

We’re sure there’s an ulterior motive in there somewhere. But support is better than outlaw.

This is actually the most proactive we’ve ever seen ASIC be. And remember we’ve been a professional financial advisor for over a decade.

The point is that this is an opportunity. One which, handled right, could see tremendous growth for Australia. A gentle guiding hand here is more valuable than a ruling fist.

This openness means pioneering Aussie based crypto projects can launch hugely successful ICOs. They can get on with the job to build the next generation of billion dollar digital businesses.

Here’s a handful of Aussie ICOs that we’ve already seen raise huge sums of money:

Power Ledger: The poster child for Aussie ICOs. Decentralised, distributed energy trading. Raised around $34 million in an ICO with tokens roughly valued at 13 cents. Today their tokens in circulation carry a price of about 83 cents and the project’s ‘market cap’ is around $300 million.

HCash: Building a system to connect seemingly un-connectable blockchains. If it works and they pull it off, it could be a game changer for crypto. This is a more elusive and mysterious ICO. They raised around $54 million in their ICO in the middle of the year. Have tokens worth $20 and a ‘market cap’ (tokens in circulation) of around $858 million.

Hut34: A newer ICO to hit the crypto markets. Their ICO closed today. Raised around $3.5 million. Their tokens haven’t started trading yet. But they’re building a global network of interconnected chatbots — a form of global artificial intelligence. Pioneering stuff.

CanYa: Another Aussie crypto that’s in the middle of an ICO right now. Canya is building a digital platform for the gig economy using cryptocurrency as payment. So far it looks to have raised around $4.1 million. And with another 20 days or so to run, maybe they hit it big too.

The point is these are just a few examples of insane development in crypto happening right on your doorstep.

These are world-class talented people, home grown, leading the crypto revolution. It’s an incredibly exciting time.

And even better yet, you don’t have to just witness to it all. You can get your slice of the action. Get in, get involved, and join the revolution.


Sam Volkering,
Editor, Secret Crypto Network

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