Will 2018 Be the Year of the Bitcoin Crash?

2017 has been an incredible year for bitcoin.

Just take a look at its performance in US dollars:

BTC performance in US dollars 16-1-2017

Source: Coindesk
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With any asset that’s risen so far, so quickly, you have to wonder if a correction is on the horizon — if not an outright crash.

There are certainly plenty in the media calling for exactly that. CNBC Market Insider wrote yesterday that ‘Bitcoin may now be the biggest financial bubble of all time’. The Atlantic asked last Saturday if it’s ‘the most obvious bubble ever’. And MarketWatch recently ran with the headline: ‘Bitcoin is ‘a bubble that is bound to burst,’ analysts warn’.

The trouble is, all of these gloomy assessments are hard to judge. Because we still don’t know exactly what bitcoin is.

You should always be cautious when anyone says ‘but it’s different this time’. That’s such a classic sign of a bubble about to burst, it’s practically a cliché.

But since there’s never been anything like bitcoin before, no one can seem to agree on what it is. Or what it should be. Making it difficult to value.

Some think of bitcoin as a currency. An alternative currency, not controlled by governments or central banks. And there are examples of it already in use as that. In countries like Venezuela, which is suffering economic collapse and instability in their own currency, bitcoin is emerging as a strong alternative.

Others argue that bitcoin is a long term store of wealth, like gold or silver. Its scarcity, with an absolute limit of 21 million bitcoin ever being possible, lends to this comparison.

Others still view it more as a technology, something that should not be compared to fiat currency prices, but to tech adoption rates, like smartphones or social media are.

With it so difficult to pin down exactly what we should be comparing bitcoin to, it’s equally difficult to guess if bitcoin is overvalued or due for a correction. If bitcoin truly does become a commonly used currency, an alternative on par with national currencies, then it could have much farther to rise.

Despite its incredible recent performance, it still isn’t held or valued highly enough to take a seat at the table with the major currencies. Bitcoin’s roughly US$100 billion ‘market cap’ puts it far behind the likes of the US dollar, the Euro or China’s renminbi.

But even if bitcoin were to take its place as a widely-accepted and used currency, it will be years in the future. And it’s likely to be a rocky ride between now and then.

Bitcoin has crashed before, several times. Each time, it recovered and headed on to new highs. But as mainstream attention increases, more people jump on board not because they’re true believers, but for fear of missing out on the massive gains they’re seeing. Those people are likely to get burned, even in a short term correction. And once burned, they’re likely to be shy in future — meaning they could hold on for the fall, but miss out on the recovery.

Bitcoin is still risky, speculative and wild. Just because the mainstream financial press has finally sat up and taken notice, doesn’t mean most of the world are ready for it yet. There’s incredible potential in the world of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But it’s not a safe place for the unprepared or the ignorant.

That’s why Sam Volkering launched his entry-level crypto investing service, Secret Crypto Network. Sam helps his readers take their first steps into the world of cryptocurrency speculation. He teaches them how to avoid the scams and criminals attracted to such a new, unregulated asset class. He walks them through, step by step, everything they need to know. So that they can capture some of the incredible gains in this exciting new world.

Bitcoin may be headed for another correction in 2018. Or it could continue to defy expectations and confound the mainstream. Whatever happens, you shouldn’t be investing anything in bitcoin that you can’t afford to lose — and you shouldn’t try to navigate this world without a guide. Learn more about Sam’s Secret Crypto Network here.

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