We Were Four Years Ahead of the Mainstream About This

It’s the largest global gathering of technology and innovation. It draws around 180,000 people. They come from all over the globe. There are around 4,000 exhibiting companies. Around 2.6 million square feet of floor space to cover.

It turns Las Vegas from Sin City to the City of Tech for a week every year in early January.

It’s, in my view, the best tech conference and exhibition in the world. It’s giant. It encompasses the whole of Vegas. The convention centre turns into a mini city. The hotels host parties, exhibitions, events, and special days.

Even the Las Vegas strip is shut down time and time again.

The future on display

It’s CES. Previously called the Consumer Electronics Show, but now so famous that the acronym has replaced the name. It’s a giant consumer technology trade show put on annually by the Consumer Technology Association.

It’s an event where you get to see, touch, feel, and hear the future of tech. And it happens years before that tech actually hits the mainstream. It’s a bonkers week, really. Non-stop. You’re going from early in the morning until the late hours of the evening.

Sleep during the week is a luxury. Eating is a luxury. If you want to do it solo (as I’ve done before) then you are flat out, all week.

I usually go every second year, to really get a gauge of how fast tech changes. I went last year and it was epic. I took a ride in a self-driving car. A big Audi Q7 drove me around with no one in the driver’s seat.

I saw a personal drone like a flying taxi, though sadly didn’t get to ride in it. I saw the future of wireless charging, home entertainment, smart homes, and smart cities. What the world of AI, automation, robotics and cars has in store for us.

I love it. It’s just bonkers. And every second year when I don’t go — like this year — I get CES withdrawals.

The coverage hits every major news channel on earth. This year is no exception. And I hate it. I desperately want to be there. And I will again, next year. When there will be more incredible, crazy, mind blowing insights into the future opportunities in tech.

That’s really why I go. To uncover the hidden gems that show me where investable opportunities will lie — well before the mainstream catches on. And that’s what I’ll be doing next year, too. Except it’s so big, I may have to negotiate with my publisher to send two of us over…wish me luck with that!

But you can’t escape the fact CES has become the place to preview the future. 

It’s all about three years ago

You might see some of the coverage from CES this year. You might catch it on the news. You’ll almost certainly see it in the newspaper. You’ll find it everywhere online.

And easily the biggest thing coming out of CES this year is self-driving cars. IT’s taking the world by storm. It’s capturing the imagination of the mainstream everywhere.

No longer are self-driving cars a possibility, they’re a reality. It’s not about ‘if’ they’ll come, just ‘when’.

But this isn’t a new story to us. Not here at Money Morning. Not to me or my subscribers to Revolutionary Tech Investor.

In fact the journey into self-driving cars started for me the moment I signed on the dotted line joining Port Phillip Publishing.

When I started in 2013 I was already aware of self-driving car technology. But the affirmation of just how fast it was coming came in 2014. You see, 2014 was my first venture to CES. And it was there I uncovered the future for myself.

About three years ago I saw the huge number of car companies exhibiting at CES. Now, I’ve also been to my fair share of car shows. And to me it seemed like CES was becoming more like a car show than a consumer technology show.

Truth is the two were at the start of an eternal relationship. You should view car companies today more as tech companies. The innovation and development car companies push out is astounding.

Every year Volkswagen, Ford, GM, and Daimler-Benz all top the world’s biggest R&D spenders. It’s astonishing the amount of money they spend on new tech. And in 2014 it was all about two things.

Immersive entertainment tech inside the car.

Self-driving tech everywhere on, in and around the car.

They didn’t have entire fleets of self-driving cars to shuttle people around. But they certainly were happy to talk about it. And the people in the know were saying this is coming way faster than people realise.

It confirmed my views and research. And I went all in on self-driving car recommendations. Some of those stocks more than doubled in price. One in particular rose more than 1,000%, and is still going.

But it was a future that we saw four years ago. And only recently have we started to reap the rewards.

With cutting edge tech there’s no way to know exactly when things will take off. But with the right amount of insight and research, you can get in early enough to be ready for it.

Speaking to the people that make it. Touching the technology for yourself. Taking a ride in a real life self-driving car. These are all the things you need to do to become an expert on the opportunities for investors.

Many brokers and analysts will just sit behind their desks and read about the developments in new tech. Not me. If I’m not at CES then I’m out in the field elsewhere, using, experiencing and understanding new technologies.

That hands-on approach to research is a lot of fun. In fact, I think it’s the best job in the world. But it’s also just what you have to do to really get underneath the hood and find the best new tech.

We were about four years ahead of the mainstream for self-driving cars. And we were 100% right about them.

We were about three years ahead of the mainstream when it came to the cryptocurrency boom. And we’ve been right about that to the tune of thousands of percent in gains.

The only question we ask ourselves, today and tomorrow and every day is what the next huge breakthrough we’ll be about three years ahead of the mainstream will be.

Sam Volkering,
Editor, Secret Crypto Network

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