How You Could Have Already Made 100% This Year

2017 was the year everyone made money. Stocks were hot, properties were hot, commodities were hot, cryptos were white hot!

But as we roll over into 2018 will that all change? Will investors stop being bullish on everything?

Even if they do, there are still opportunities to make money. Some investors have already doubled their returns in 2018.

No, I’m not talking about crypto investors.

Panorma Synergy Share Price Jump

Shareholders in small-cap, Panorama Synergy [ASX:PSY] have seen their holdings jump 100% in 2018 already.

Panorma Synergy share price

Source: Google Finance

I know what you’re thinking. What is Panorama and where can I find another one?

The first is easy to answer, so let’s start with that.

Panorama is a small Aussie tech company.

The company helps to develop miniature sensors for multiple purposes.

For example, last year Panorama was asked to develop an unmanned bomb detecting drone. Such a drone needs light-weight spectroscopy and imagining capabilities.

They also have the potential to develop sensors used for agricultural, automation and connectivity purposes.

Huge potential, but is it probable?

According to Panorama, they could potentially generate revenues from multiple growth industries, from automotive, to the internet of things and automation.

But to generate revenues from such industries, Panorama will need products to sell.

To help in their quest for a product portfolio, Panorama acquired Hydrix, a product development company, in November last year.

The newly acquired business gave Panorama an earnings kick and adds 50 engineers to their team.

Panorama earnings

Source: Panorama 2017 Annual General Meeting

Clearly, a lot is expected of Panorama in the coming years — hence the share price rise. But if they can quickly create products and grow revenues, the stock could have a far longer runway ahead.


Härje Ronngard,

Junior Analyst, Money Morning

PS: 2017 was a great year for investors. But what can you do to boost your returns for 2018? One way is to venture into small-caps. Investing in the smaller end of the market usually bears more risk. But the potential returns can be more than worth it.

To get you started on your small-cap hunt for 2018, check out these three companies trading on the ASX.

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