This Tiny Region is Now a Crypto Leader

2017 was the year the world got to know bitcoin. If you still aren’t familiar with it, then you need to wake up and smell the roses.

You don’t need to have bought any yet. But you should already be well on the way to doing so.

You should have begun learning what bitcoin is capable of. And if you have, you’ll understand that this is one of the biggest events in history. Not to mention, potentially the biggest wealth creation event of all time.

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We don’t say this to be hyperbolic. We say it because we understand the full potential this crypto revolution has to offer.

However we’ve been around markets long enough to know it’s going to be a tough road ahead. For all the promise of crypto there will be push back. The current financial system surely doesn’t like it.

You only need to look at the headlines coming out of Davos this week to see it.

Old man yells at bitcoin

Cointelegraph reported earlier today,

Addressing Bloomberg TV audiences during the annual event in Davos, Switzerland, [economist, Joseph Stiglitz] said that cracking down on ‘secret’ Bitcoin use cases would “regulate it out of existence.”

“We have a good medium of exchange called the dollar. We can trade in that. Why do people want bitcoin? For secrecy,” he said.

This follows on from commentary on bitcoin from Warren Buffet, Jamie Dimon and other financial ‘heavyweights’.

Every time we hear commentary like this it reminds us of one of the greatest memes going around.

The meme is taken from a Simpsons’ episode where Grandpa Simpson is seen on the front cover of a newspaper with the headline, ‘Old Man Yells at Cloud’. Well thanks to the wonders of the internet, this is how it looks today…

Old man yells at bitcoin - The Simpsons - Grandpa | 26-01-2018

Source: Alt-right news
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That sums up every time you hear the likes of Stiglitz talk about bitcoin. And right now in Davos, Switzerland there is a bunch of old men ‘yelling at bitcoin’.

What they don’t understand is that they have no power and control over it. They never had it and they never will. And their resistance to properly understand its benefits shows how fast the establishment is losing touch. 

For every bear there’s a bull

We spent the first half of this week at the London Blockchain Week —a gathering of blockchain and crypto projects from around the globe. There was a hackathon, conference, exhibition and networking.

We had a chance to meet and speak with a diverse range of crypto and blockchain developers. We saw some exciting new projects on the cusp of launching a token sale. We spoke with people at the forefront of developing the most disruptive technology of the 21st century.

But one of the most important things we took away from the week was how the crypto landscape is set to develop. What we’re currently seeing is the mainstream trying to figure out what crypto is and how to deal with it.

When ‘old man yells at bitcoin’ that’s simply the financial figureheads trying to figure it out. They are at a level that most retail consumers are at with crypto. They don’t know enough about it to safely get into it.

And that’s leading to fear, uncertainty and doubt about crypto. This is also known as FUD. But what’s clear is that for the average person stepping blindly into crypto right now, it’s risky.

It’s likely that average consumers will lose money. It’s likely they’ll fall victim to scams and fraud and possibly even theft. That’s a risk that regulators can’t accept.

And it’s why in 2018 we’re going to see the regulators come knocking.

There are three types of views when it comes to crypto. Those that want no regulation. Those that want some regulation. And those that are begging for full regulation.

The thing is, everyone is going to have to deal with regulation. That’s why proactive regions are already putting frameworks in place for crypto.

You’d expect that the regions leading this movement would be big economies like Australia, Singapore, Canada and the UK. And to some extent these places are at least open to the idea of crypto.

Gibraltar: The crypto capital of the world

It’s the smaller, more nimble regions that are really leading the way.  One of the most progressive regions for crypto is Gibraltar. They’ve been developing an open, transparent ecosystem for crypto projects for years.

And on 1 January this year they launched a full set of framework steps for crypto projects to adhere to. This will allow for new crypto projects to operate and launch in a region that is trying to provide safety and security for both the development teams and end users.

This is culminating in the launch of the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange. This will develop a platform for world-leading best practice token sales. It will be a fully regulated exchange implementing KYC and AML processes.

And the Government of Gibraltar will underpin it all.

Ultimately that’s going to deliver confidence in crypto to the mainstream. And Gibraltar is just one of the early leaders. Other regions like the Isle of Man are also ‘open for business’ for crypto development. As are countries like Bermuda and Singapore.

Bigger economies like Australia and the UK are lagging. They seem to be taking a wait and see approach. But if they can see the benefits this crypto revolution can deliver to places like Gibraltar, maybe they too will apply the ‘open for crypto business’ approach.

We think that you’re going to see pockets of ‘crypto havens’ open this year. They will be regions that welcome development in the crypto space. But also work with the industry to provide a layer of regulation to protect the mainstream consumer.

They will enable transparent, safe and accessible token sales with consumer protection. They will foster environments for development and innovation. And they will regulate in a way that expands the revolution.

The voices against it will fall away. The likes of Dimon, Buffet and Stiglitz will be proven wrong. And maybe we’ll all meet in Gibraltar to celebrate the world’s new crypto capital.


Sam Volkering,
Editor, Secret Crypto Network

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