DroneShield’s Shares on the Rise

DroneShield Limited [ASX:DRO] shares increased by 6.38% this morning.

Their market cap sits on nearly $40 million but are only generating $290.02K revenue currently.

Which means some investors expect big things from the company.

What Has DroneShield Been Doing?

Their new product, RadarZero has recently been launched. It acts as a portable drone detector.

The device is able to detect drones from up to 750 metres away and comes at a better price than more long ranged radars, as well as being more portable.

RadarZero weighs only 1.25 Kilos, and has the ability to acquire 3D data.

DroneShield has also recently secured a NATO stock number for their new Drone jammer.

The stock number allows NATO militaries to buy on a military catalogue basis.

The DroneGun is able to fire an electrical signal that can disconnect a drone from its operator.

DroneShield has also been expanding in the South American security market. Earlier this month they won a tender for their products with the Paraguayan Government.

DroneShield management stated:

It comes amongst an acceleration in done-related security accidents in the region, these included the recent incidents such as a shut down of the Sao Paolo Congonhas airport in Brazil due to a drone scare, and a drone striking a passenger airliner in Argentina.

DroneShield had already added the Prime Minister of Turkey, Binali Yildirim onto their profile as well as several Middle Eastern militaries.

What’s planned next?

DroneShield will continue to pursue new products to add to their anti-drone range.

They have received an Australia Government Tax Incentive award of about $200,000.

DroneShield plan to release civilian drone countermeasures in the future.

The anti-drone business continue to fill their site with blogs posts in regard to drone related matters, outlining the dangers of civilian drone control.


Ryan Dinse,
Editor, Money Morning

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