Crypto: Mainstream or Not?

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Jumper on. Check.

Jacket over jumper. Check.

Gloves. Check.

Beanie. Check.

Then the obligatory four pocket pat down to make sure I had keys, wallet and phone. Check, check, and check!

Right good to go. Out into the ‘beast from the east’.

The Beast from the East sounds like some kind of upcoming blockbuster Hollywood movie. Or what Vladimir Putin might like to call himself…after hours.

But it’s none of those. The Beast from the East is a lovely spate of freezing cold weather that’s hit the UK with great ferocity. Inches of snow falling in London. Inches more up north in Scotland and Manchester. Snow everywhere, icy conditions, blizzards, accidents, transport cancellations, mayhem!

If you’re a megalomaniac and you wanted to take down the UK, it’s quite simple really. Just find a way to bombard the country with cold and snow. You’d think after millennia of it the Brits would be used to it. Nope, not the case.

This country basically comes unhinged when the cold properly comes to town.

For me, it’s wonderful. My trains were running fine, so I was in a good mood regardless. And as I stepped out of Borough tube station this morning it was a delightful sight. Soft, powdery snow falling delicately from the sky.

London truly is a beautiful city in conditions like these. So long as you’re at least semi-prepared for it. I was.

Later in the day it wasn’t much different. Walking back to Borough Tube station while the snow was continuing to fall. The pavement a mix of wonderful white, un-walked-on snow and grey clearly-walked-on slush.

The bright red double decker buses meandered by and provided the perfect contrast to see just how heavy the snowfall was now getting. After taking a few thousand mental pictures I headed to ‘the Underground’.

Not much to report down there. Same stuffy, unusually warm conditions that you’d expect from one of the world’s great engineering projects. The Tube never ceases to amaze me; the history, the sophistication, the complexity. It’s a magnificent feat of human achievement.

And to think its origins go back more than 150 years. Truly astounding. Particularly when you realise Melbourne can’t even manage to build a modern train line out to the airport…

Nonetheless, the Tube always gives me time for contemplation. The wonderful — and bizarre — thing about the tube is that it’s deathly quiet. People barely converse. No one likes to make eye contact. Smiles are frowned upon.

This of course is all fine by me. Not really appealing at 5:30pm on a Wednesday afternoon, anyway. But time for contemplation, yes. 

Mainstream or fringe?

I picked up some free station WiFi at one of the stops, and had a quick chance to log into the Delta app on my phone. Delta is the app I used to track my cryptocurrency portfolio. Any transactions, any ICOs any holdings and movement I can put in it. And I can see the wild price swings on a daily basis…such fun!

It is a valuable app. One that I highly recommend, if you hold any crypto. Remember though, it’s not a wallet, it’s just a tracking app. If you want to know about wallets, or even which crypto you should by, then you absolutely need to join us at Sam Volkering’s Secret Crypto Network to find out more.

It was around then that I wondered if anyone else on this train was into crypto. Did anyone else here own any bitcoin or ethereum? Did they know what those were? Did they know that beyond these two crypto giants there are hundreds, maybe thousands of opportunities to generate mind-bending wealth?

Perhaps some of them were aware of the kind of opportunity they had. The chance to mint wealth just like the already elite and wealthy.

Or maybe they were just going about the daily grind. Blissfully unaware of the opportunity that was right under their noses. Maybe they’d seen it on the news. Heard about it a few times from friends and put it in the ‘THB’, the too hard basket.

I wondered, is crypto really mainstream? Or is it still just a fringe idea, an edge of the bell curve concept that most people still have no real idea about?

From personal experience when I meet non-tech people, they’ve heard of it. They don’t really understand it. And, importantly, they don’t really know what they’re doing. Hence many say they’re involved, but upon further pressing, can’t provide any real indication of how.

My conclusion is that most of the mainstream say they’re in crypto, but the reality is they’re really not.

What I really want to know is, are you invested in crypto? Do you have any? Do you know why? Do you know what you’re doing?

Now, we don’t need to bombard our customer services team with replies for this one. What I will ask though is take a moment when you can to jump onto our Money Morning Australia Facebook page, or my Facebook page and just give us a quick post to tell us of your crypto experience.

You don’t have to say how much you own. You don’t even have to say what. You might not even be bothered to do it at all. But if you are, thanks! And please do let us know, do you have crypto? And if so, why?

While I still may think in general it’s a fringe idea and most people are at best delicately stepping in, I may be wrong. Help us out and let us know.

The only certain thing in London

You see, as I was taking the escalators up and out of the Tube I had the pleasure of surveying the many advertisements that follow you out of the deep underground rail network.

These days the ads are all digital. They change as you worm your way back to the surface. Usually they’re ads for vitamins, plays on the West End, or to trial a new mattress for 90 days or send it back for free.

But today I saw something I haven’t seen before.

An advertisement for ‘The Crypto Investor Show 2018’. My guess is they’re aiming to be the ‘Grand Designs Live’ of the Crypto world. No coincidence it’s held in partnership with eToro, I might add.

This may be the first sign that crypto is becoming more mainstream faster than I had anticipated. Or it could just be a sign the mainstream is starting to wake up.

Whichever it is, one thing is for certain…

You’ll never find out who owns crypto while taking public transport, because no one will ever speak to you.

Sam Volkering,
Editor, Secret Crypto Network

About Sam Volkering

Sam Volkering is an Editor for Money Morning and is small-cap, cryptocurrency and technology expert.

He’s not interested in boring blue chip stocks. He’s after explosive investments; companies whose shares trade for cents on the dollar, cryptocurrencies that can deliver life-changing returns. He looks for the ‘edge of the bell curve’…

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