How to Invest in the Pioneers of Today

Karl Benz was a pioneer. His ‘Benz Patent Motorwagen’ built in 1885 is known as the first production car. He was even awarded the patent for it in 1886. After Benz and his wife financed the production they ended up building around 25 of the ‘Motorwagens’ over the course of seven years.

It’s also abundantly clear this was also the foundation for the Mercedes-Benz Company — which now forms part of automotive giant, Daimler AG.

If you were smart enough and could foresee the impact Benz’s invention would have on the world, you would have found some way to invest in his Motorwagen. But you couldn’t back then. Benz wasn’t exactly a publicly traded company.

Henry Ford also was a pioneer. Many people (incorrectly) associate him with the invention of the motorcar. But he didn’t invent it. What Ford did was pioneer the development of mass production. He revolutionised the production line.

While Benz made around 25 cars over seven years, through Ford’s visionary methods he would help make 15 million Model T cars over 19 years between 1908 and 1927.

If in 1908 you wanted to invest in Ford, again, you couldn’t.

Benz and Ford were both pioneers who you couldn’t invest in. In fact, it wouldn’t be until 1956 that Ford actually went public and enabled everyday investors to get a slice of the company.

In 1925 at Selfridge’s Department store, Central London, John Logie Baird also changed the world. He demonstrated televised moving silhouetted images on what we’d later come to know as a ‘television’.

Two years later Baird transmitted a television signal between London and Glasgow. He also transmitted a television signal across the Atlantic from London to New York.

Baird is one of many who ushered the Television into the world. He is widely recognised as the pioneer. And his name carries on with the Australian Television Awards, ‘The Logies’, each year.

Of course it’s unlikely that Baird himself could have seen just how big TV would become. And the riches that TV would go on to mint for companies such as Telefunken, Panasonic and Twenty-First Century Fox.

But back when Logie was changing the world, there wasn’t any feasible way to properly invest in and benefit from his world-changing invention.

That’s the case throughout history. Most everyday investors simply don’t get the chance to invest in world-changing, pioneering tech breakthroughs in the earliest instance.

But what if you could invest in the pioneers? What if you had the help and guidance from experts that uncovered these pioneers and found ways for you to invest in them?

In the early parts of the 20th century there wasn’t the infrastructure to invest in these tech pioneers. By the end of the 20th century the infrastructure was there. But to get in at the early stages you had to be in the know. One of the elite, the uber-wealthy.

If you weren’t a ‘sophisticated investor’, you simply stood no chance. 

Even today most people still can’t get access to most ‘traditional’ investment opportunities.

Did you get a crack at Facebook in its early days of development?

Mark Zuckerberg is a pioneer, but by the time Facebook went public the chance to make really life-changing wealth had already come and gone.

Or Uber and AirBnb. Have you managed to buy the stock for those companies? Of course not — they’re both still private.

What if you had a way to invest in the next wave of great pioneers? The world-changing projects and opportunities. And to invest in them before everyone else. Sometimes even before the elites and uber-wealthy.

Plenty of investment opportunities await

The good news is that there are still thousands of pioneering companies that are breaking new ground, pioneering technologies that may be as world-changing as the car or the TV.

Some of these companies operate almost in ‘stealth mode’. And they can be invested in for cents on the dollar.

They don’t always trade on the most obvious public markets though. Some of them trade on smaller exchanges around the world. Many now head to the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), the Toronto Stock Exchange Venture Exchange (TSXV) or the AIM exchange — which is a sub-market of the London Stock Exchange.

Being able to sniff out and hunt down these pioneers on these smaller markets is what we love best. Finding the pioneers like Benz and Logie today is what makes what we do so exhilarating.

It’s worth noting larger markets like the NASDAQ are full of these tech pioneers too. And getting in on the right trends at the right time can equate to massive windfalls for investors.

Four years ago we saw a set of signals that told us NVIDIA would go on to become a pioneer in self-driving cars and artificial intelligence. We recommended it. Four years later we issued a sell recommendation and more than 1,400% return.

There are similar signals all over markets today. And, importantly, over new markets that give everyone a chance to invest in tomorrow’s Facebook or Google.

It’s an opportunity in the world’s most exciting, potentially lucrative new market — cryptocurrencies.

In our entire working career in financial markets, we’ve never seen anything like it. A brand new development that is changing the world. That’s what most people struggle with about crypto. They find it hard to think that something so new can so quickly change the world.

Benz, Ford, Logie…these guys were pioneers. They changed the world. They did it in a relatively short space of time. People thought then that they were nuts. People said their inventions would never take off.

After all, why would you drive a car when you’ve got a perfectly fine horse?

The result of their work ended up in billion dollar, even trillion dollar industries. But you couldn’t invest in them from day zero.

Today the same thing is happening with the world of crypto. Except today, you can invest in it.

You don’t even need to tip in huge amounts. Just money you’re comfortable and prepared to risk — potentially lose, even. But the upshot, the ‘moon’ as those already invested talk about, could change the world.

Sam Volkering,
Editor, Secret Crypto Network

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