Brace Yourself for the Crypto Volatility to Come

Absolutely nothing comes close to the speed, development and excitement of the crypto world.

You can start a Monday thinking everything is fine and dandy. By Wednesday, your portfolio is bleeding value. But, by Friday, you’re back above where you started the week.

Let’s just recap an important point that we can’t stress enough…

Crypto is volatile. And if you can’t handle the volatility, maybe this isn’t the market for you.

That’s about all we need to say on that.

Actually, I should add that some cryptos are not a short and sharp get-rich-quick scheme.

These are long-term plays designed to hopefully deliver you life-changing gains.

If you’re serious about making money in cryptos then you need to be in it for the long haul.

Not all investment opportunities are for everyone. I get people that write to me lambasting me about crypto price swings.

Quite simply, I go to great lengths to remind people that cryptocurrencies are volatile. The swing in values is like nothing you’ve ever seen on the market.

And it’s this new, cutting-edge and one-of-a-kind nature that makes it so volatile.

Of course, research tells us that this isn’t going to last forever. Even in the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen a reduction in the wild price swings among the top 100 cryptocurrencies.

That’s not to say you should get used to single-digit swings.

The rest of this year is going to be as hectic as 2017, if not more. But much of what’s coming this year is going to prove cryptos are here to stay forever.

All the big movements in crypto right now are projects finding ways to integrate and assimilate into the non-crypto world.

In late 2016, speaking at a conference, Jeremy Allaire, the CEO of payments company Circle, said:

Our view is that we’re still in the really early stages of the technology and its development…

It’s highly unlikely that any of us will be using Bitcoin in five or ten years. In the same way that — how many of us use NCSA Mosaic or Netscape Navigator?’

It may have been a reasonable argument. Not one I’d agree with. But it seems it wasn’t one that Allaire stuck with anyway. 

Circle set to shake the crypto world

Circle has just bought one of the world’s largest centralised exchanges, Poloniex. It didn’t take Allaire long to realise the opportunity at stake…

Circle is aiming to be the world’s most comprehensive payments company and now wants to dominate the crypto space.

Clearly they see a future in crypto, otherwise they wouldn’t be going all in.

Circle is going to put enormous resources behind Poloniex. They will help improve both the user experience and customer service. They will also open the platform for ‘fiat connectivity’.

While all this is fine, it’s their long-term vision that gets us pumped about the broader future for cryptos.

See, the crypto world needs companies like Circle to help bring it to the mainstream in a way that we haven’t seen yet.

And they’ll do this by turning exchanges like Poloniex into something much more than we ever thought was possible. As Circle explains in their blog post:

We envision a robust multi-sided distributed marketplace that can host tokens which represent everything of value: physical goods, fundraising and equity, real estate, creative productions such as works of art, music and literature, service leases and time-based rentals, credit, futures, and more.’

That’s what crypto can provide. A complete marketplace to tokenise all kinds of assets. A way to transfer assets and wealth like you’ve never seen or known before. The potential of different crypto projects, blockchains, tokens, and assets is immeasurable.

There is literally no way to accurately forecast just how much this crypto revolution is set to change the world. Circle just explained first-hand what is possible.

And it’s going to help the mainstream open its eyes to this life-changing opportunity.

You might think that the crypto story is old news now. But most people still don’t know what a cryptocurrency is, why it’s important, and what potential it holds.

You are one of the few who are already in on the world’s best dirty little secret — crypto.

You’re already ahead of the masses. When they come to the crypto markets — and they will — the gains we’ve seen from 2017 to now will pale into irrelevance.

If you thought the crypto market was bonkers now, just wait until the mainstream really piles into the market.

Get used to volatility and wild swings. Get used to explaining to people about how you were early into the crypto story and opportunity.

And remember, this isn’t an overnight play.

You stick around this long, with the right mindset and timeframe, and you’ll give yourself the best shot at wealth you’d never come close to in traditional markets.

Sam Volkering,
Editor, Secret Crypto Network

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