Why Brambles Limited is Up 1.56%

Shares for Brambles Limited [ASX:BXB] have risen by 1.56% today.

They are now trading at $9.44 a share.

Brambles Limited was founded in 1875 and specialise in logistics. It provides pallet-pooling as well as recycled pallet management, and many other services.

Their headquarters are located in Sydney, Australia.

Pushing growth factors

Brambles’ operating profit has grown up to 47% as of last month.

They managed to garner a strong revenue growth in North America and Europe, as well as prompting growth for their business.

They benefited from the United States federal income tax rate which was reduced by almost 10%

Raskmedia reported that Brambles CEO Graham Chipchase stated:

We delivered a return to positive underlying profit growth and strong revenue growth in the first half. We saw improved volume growth in North America and continued momentum in our European operations, in line with good economic growth in these regions.

Brambles will attempt to increase growth in sales revenue.

What’s next for Brambles?

Mr Chipchase stated their share model will grant Brambles various opportunities to meet the standards and needs of their customers in more efficient ways.

They will continue to build networks while adding new customers and taking on new market opportunities.

One of their aims is to utilise their assets in a more efficient manner.

Chipchase states that Brambles is currently investing in advanced data analytics and exploring their overall usage in robotics and machine learning.

The Brambles CEO states his two main priorities are to deliver stable earnings growth and the proper use of cash flow in order to pay dividends.

Retail customers of Brambles are facing further disruption and are finding ways to protect their margins in a fast-paced market.

Their success in these categories should help restore shareholder confidence in their brand.


Ryan Clarkson-Ledward,
For Money Morning

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