Telstra’s Share Price Increases after Release of Latest Mobile Kit

Today Telstra [ASX:TLS] has launched a new mobile kit boost, the Telstra Go repeater.

The product has already impacted share price trading at $3.20 at time of writing, up from its $3.18 open.

Telstra share price remained stagnant for most of April, but with the launch of the Go repeater, the company has seen a slight increase in share price.

Growing almost 1% in the wake of its release.

The Telstra Go Repeater and how is it helping business

The Go Repeater was developed as apart of Telstra’s regional mobile coverage program.

The new release is equipped with an antenna, which allows customers access to coverage when it is otherwise patchy and unavailable.

The Go Repeater is currently available in two variations, a stationary version and a portable version. The stationary device is designed for home or business use, while the portable addition can be used in vehicles.

Telstra’s executive director of network and infrastructure, Channa Seneviratne, had this to say about the product,

‘Users are often reliant on the antennae that’s in their smartphones and if you are in an area where the mobile coverage is patchy that’s where the Go repeater really shines.’

Once installed, it works by receiving tiny network signals through a single external antenna. Where it is then able to provide coverage through an internal antenna.

Telstra have also invested their own money towards building a total of 250 small cells into towns. 170 of which have already been delivered.

This will allow Telstra to remain a key player in the governments Mobile Black Spot Program, which is currently building hundreds of base stations across the country.


Ryan Clarkson-Ledward,
For Money Morning

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