What Could Be the Biggest Legal Drug Deal in History

95kg of meth. 63kg of heroin. 10kg of fentanyl. 92kg of cocaine. 252kg of marijuana. 20 firearms including semi-automatic assault rifles. And more than US$6 million.

Now that’s a drug bust if we’ve ever seen one!

Either someone was having one heck of a party, or this is cartel territory. It’s the latter, not the former, by the way.

In March this year, the FBI raided a Mexican drug cartel. A huge haul. Which hopefully put a dent in the cartel’s illegal activity.

Then just a few weeks ago the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) also made a drug bust. Inside a nondescript warehouse the GBI ‘took down’ a huge marijuana operation.

There were over 400 cannabis plants with automatic watering systems. The police even had to wear masks during the operation — to prevent getting high we assume.

In the UK this week, a slightly more comical drug bust.

While reporting (live) from a ‘major seizure of marijuana by Kent cops’ cameras picked up a man in the background. This man happened to be carrying quite a large pot plant.

The pot plant was a giant marijuana plant. As soon as the man spotted the cameras he ‘legged it’ — with said plant in tow. You can see the man in the background of the picture below.

SoftBanks top investment since 17-05-18

Source: The Sun.UK

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But if these drug busts seem big (or comical), they’re not. In fact they’re positively tiny. How about a $3.32 billion drug deal? Now that’s big.

The biggest cannabis company in the world!

Admittedly this drug deal isn’t quite what you might expect. What it isn’t is a drug bust. There’s nothing illegal going on here.

But it is a drug deal.

It’s a deal between two of the world’s biggest legal cannabis producers. It’s a deal that’s going to make the world’s largest cannabis company.

Aurora Cannabis Inc [TSX:ACB] is going to buy MedReleaf Corp [TSX:LEAF] for CA$3.2 billion (AU$3.32 billion). Together they will become the world’s biggest cannabis company. They estimate that as one they will produce around 570,000kg of cannabis per year.

That’s one huge drug deal. But it’s not entirely unexpected.

This is all in anticipation of June 7th.

Chalk that date in your diary. It could prove to be the most important date on the investment calendar in 2018. 

7 June is the date that Canadian Parliament will make their final vote on Bill C-45. This is The Cannabis Act. And on 7 June we’ll know for certain if Canada is to legalise recreational marijuana, and importantly, on what specific date.

Companies like Aurora are clearly confident of Bill C-45 getting through. In fact the world is confident that the Bill will get through. Of course it’s not a 100% certainty — and failure could set the legal cannabis market back years.

Companies like Aurora would suffer if the Bill is knocked down. Or if the date for legalisation is pushed way off into the future.

However it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. If Aurora’s activities are anything to go by the passing of C-45 is a dead certainty.

The deal to acquire MedReleaf isn’t their first purchase this year. Just a few months back Aurora spent CA$1.1 billion (AU$1.14 billion) on CanniMed Therapeutics.

This is one company that’s gearing up to be the world’s biggest legal cannabis supplier. And if the ‘Canada model’ is anything to go by this all could lead to other countries following suit.

Right now we know that Australia is opening up the doors to legal medicinal marijuana. We think this is the prelude to a legal recreational market as well. We think that Canada is walking the path to which Australia will follow.

And if that’s the case then there are a bunch of Aussie cannabis stocks that could absolutely fly. Of course it’s not just Australia where this market is opening up.

We think that one of the super huge markets for legal cannabis is actually the UK and Europe.

Follow the green brick road…

According to The Telegraph, France ranks as the sixth biggest ‘weed smoking’ country. Italy, Spain and the Netherlands also make it into the top 20 countries globally. For what it’s worth, Australia sits at number nine. Iceland is number one and the US closely in spot two.

Portugal has already decriminalised all drugs in 2001. Spain already allows for personal use of marijuana. And they also have ‘smoking clubs’ where people can smoke weed without fear of the police clamping down on them.

And of course as we know it’s accepted in certain ‘coffee shops’ in the Netherlands, where you can smoke weed without fear. It’s worth noting recreational marijuana is still technically illegal in the Netherlands.

But the Dutch do have legal medicinal marijuana. As does Italy, Greece, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland.

We think all these countries will be closely watching events in Canada. And if things go well, we anticipate that recreational marijuana use will be legal in most (if not all) of those countries too.

And then there’s the UK. Right now it’s not legal from a medicinal or recreational perspective. Marijuana drug busts continue to happen across the country. But we think that it’s a short space of time until the UK also flicks on the green light.

Brexit is coming to a head. And worries about the UK economy are getting stronger. Legal weed could be something that helps boost the government coffers and appeases the masses.

The world is fast understanding that marijuana isn’t the ‘devil’s lettuce’. In fact the more research and development we see, the more we understand its incredible potential.

Medicinal marijuana we think has the potential to change the entire medical therapy industry. We could be looking at the greatest advancement in medical tech since the discovery of penicillin.

But the process to us seems clear. And it’s the Canada model we look to. First you legalise medicinal use. Then you legalise recreational use. And then you ask why the heck it took so long to get here.

Legal marijuana we believe is inevitable. There will be push back. But somehow we accept tobacco and alcohol with open arms. The clock is ticking and we’re very close to 4:20. And if you don’t know what that means — just Google it.


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