What Comes Next?

I’m often amazed at the kinds of tech being developed every day. When you stop to really look at the world, it’s full of wizardry.

These tech miracles at some point appeared crazy and insane. Take the car for example. 150 years ago it would’ve seemed like an impossible feat.

A mechanical device with wheels that could move you across nations. Why would you ever want one of those with a perfectly good horse under your seat?

Or what about planes. These giant bundles of metal speeding across the skies. Hundreds of people sat next to and atop each other. Traversing the globe. Exploring new worlds because of physics and engineering.

Same with computers. Machines that you can write on or play with or even have ‘think’ for you. Positively preposterous 100 years ago. And even when computers did get to a mainstream level, there was still pushback against them.

Every year something new comes along. Sometimes it’s an evolution of tech that exists today. And in very rare cases it’s something that revolutionises the world.

These revolutions don’t happen a lot. But when they do, it’s world changing. And from that day forth they impact the lives of people everywhere.

We know that these tech revolutions happen. And we know there will be more in the future.

But what we don’t know is when and what the next one will be. We can see the tech available today. And we can usually expand on that a little bit. We can see evolution before we can see revolution.

But the thing that I ask myself almost daily is simply, what’s next?

What’s next for cars? What’s next for global travel and transport? What’s next for communications? What’s next for smartphones or consumer devices? What’s next for the internet?

We encourage you to take the same approach when you look at your world. Ask yourself what do you see next? How do you see your world changing? Where do you think the next tech revolution will come from?

And hey, if you think you already see it and we’re not covering it, let us know.

Write to us, tell us what you think and why you believe it might be the next great tech revolution.

Who knows, you might even be right. 

The future is easy to see…sometimes

Where is the next revolution coming from? Who or what will have the next iPhone moment or World Wide Web moment or bitcoin moment?

Where will it come from and how will we be able to identify it. And of course, how will we be able to help everyday investors profit from it?

Right now we can see the direction the future of cars is taking. Self-driving cars. Sure there are some speed bumps right now. But that’s more when, not if.

Same for planes. We’re seeing the next step for planes is supersonic flight. And then perhaps in a few decades we might see flying taxis — which are really just vertical take-off planes for urban areas.

And for the internet what’s next? Perhaps crypto and blockchain based networks. These will rebuild the internet into a more democratic, fair and liberal system that benefits everyone equally.

But one of the hard ‘what’s next?’ questions falls to consumer devices.

The home PC really changed the game. And then the MP3 player, the iPod, changed it again. Then of course the smartphone revolution had an even bigger global impact.

But what next? Wearables haven’t really grabbed the bull by the horns. Sure, smartwatches are kitsch. And yes, smartphones are getting faster and more high tech.

But none of this is a revolution in consumer devices. Is it VR or even AR? We don’t think so. We certainly think augmented reality has a part to play over time. But we don’t see it as a revolution.

Perhaps the integration of these things within the human form will be the next revolution. A kind of biological immersion of tech into the body?

It might be a little crazy, even a little creepy to think about. But blending biology with technology doesn’t have to be ‘terminator’. It can be a revolution in how we use and interact with our world.

We think that may be the next real revolution in consumer tech. But right now the truth is there’s nothing really out there that’s got the gravitas of an ‘iPhone moment’.

That time will come. It might not be in the next year or so, but soon enough we’ll see another opportunity in the style of a revolution in consumer tech.

And when it comes we’ll be ready to seize the opportunities it presents.




A couple things we’ve been reading this week…

Interesting, first this company decides to accept one of the world’s ‘privacy’ crypto for payment. That may be a watershed moment for mass-market crypto awareness. But now the company decides to launch its own VPN service. We can see why this privacy angle is important to them. But it makes us think this is only the beginning of more to come for this controversial online pioneer.

For all the promise of blockchain tech, there are a few problems. Scaling is one problem. The bigger these networks get, the harder it is to get bigger. It’s a bit like lifting a piece of chain into the air, the higher you go the heavier it gets. But there’s also a saturation problem for crypto. That means too many to handle. What we really need is a way for them all to work and talk together. Only then perhaps will we realise the full potential of crypto.

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