Norwood System’s Share Price Soars 22.22%

When it comes to Telecom services, the big players dominate the market. So when new companies attempt to join in, they’re either a hit or miss.

Norwood Systems Ltd [ASX:NOR] is a company that’s aware of the growing telecom market, and they’re going all out to take advantage of it.

With its shares growing by a massive 22.22%, it’s clear they’re focusing on the right areas while dodging bullets and powerful competitors.

Norwood have been able to provide enterprise solutions and fleet management that can properly perform telecom services.

Norwood’s new Wi-Fi services are a hit

In the midst of the NBN struggles that Telstra and Optus are dealing with, customers are seeking alternatives.

This presented a great opportunity for Norwood to launch its revolutionary new World Wi-Fi App.

The new platform is available for major smartphone devices, and will be an added benefit for Norwood’s loyalty partners.

Norwood implemented a 10-fold speed improvement for the app which can help deliver more immediate coverage for users to connect on.

It also features new search functionalities and enhanced quality and accuracy.

On its ASX report, CEO and Founder of Norwood Peter Ostergaard stated:

We have been making further investments in building up and improving the underlying database used by the World Wi-Fi App. Firstly, our partnership with Fon will shortly add an additional 12 million premium Wi-Fi nodes to our network. Secondly, we have commissioned cost-effective local periodic site surveys in all major tourist destinations around the world to ensure that our data is always up-to-date and represents the very best available knowledge of available local public Wi-Fi in all major tourist destinations.

Norwood has recently completed major mobile coverage for the world Wi-Fi across all the major smartphone brands.

This has all been a necessary process to reach their goal of building further trust and loyalty with their major global partners.

If Norwood hopes to take on their massive competitors, they will have to continue focusing on their own brand innovation.


Ryan Clarkson-Ledward,
For Money Morning

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